Gokul Rajaram

Gokul Rajaram

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31 January 2009

Gokul Rajaram, a seasoned product leader, investor, and advisor, has made a significant impact in the technology startup ecosystem. With an extensive background that includes helping build seven generational technology companies such as Alphabet, Block, Coinbase, DoorDash, Meta, Pinterest, and The Trade Desk, Rajaram has cemented his position as a pivotal figure in the industry. His investment portfolio boasts early investments in companies like Airtable, BetterUp, and Figma, showcasing his knack for identifying and supporting innovative ventures.

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Investment Philosophy: Rajaram focuses on early-stage technology startups, partnering with founders to build enduring companies. His investment approach is deeply rooted in collaboration, aiming to be the most helpful and trusted partner to founders by addressing crucial aspects such as product development, growth strategies, and company culture.

Operational Expertise: Beyond investments, Rajaram leverages his experience as a product leader and operator to offer on-demand counsel and problem-solving strategies to the founders he works with. His method involves regular meetings to tackle challenges, on-the-spot advice via instant messaging, and operator access to his network of world-class executives.

Writing and Thought Leadership: Rajaram shares his learnings and insights on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn, contributing long-form articles on Medium. His writings cover a broad range of topics including product development, company culture, strategy, hiring, and investing, providing valuable resources for founders and the wider tech community.

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