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03 March 2018

ICO Analytics on Telegram is a trusted source for 68.2K subscribers, offering timely cryptocurrency news and market analysis. The channel covers diverse topics, from crypto updates and project highlights to security alerts and fundraising events. With links to their website, Twitter, and chat groups, it's a comprehensive hub for both crypto novices and experts. Highly recommended for staying updated in the fast-paced crypto world.

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ICO Analytics - About

ICO Analytics is a prominent channel on Telegram with a significant following of 68.2K subscribers. The channel primarily focuses on providing news and analysis related to new coins in the cryptocurrency market. Here's a breakdown of the content topics covered by the channel:

  1. Cryptocurrency News and Updates: The channel frequently posts updates about various cryptocurrency platforms and coins. For instance, there are updates about Bitget implementing mandatory KYC, Balancer Labs addressing a vulnerability, and Binance's decision to delist BUSD spot and margin trading pairs.
  2. Market Analysis: ICO Analytics offers insights into the performance of various cryptocurrencies. Examples include Bitcoin's monthly returns and the most discussed cryptocurrencies on Twitter.
  3. Project Highlights: The channel showcases blockchain-based projects that followers might find interesting, such as Solana Pay's integration with Shopify and the launch of opBNB Mainnet.
  4. Security Alerts: ICO Analytics also acts as a watchdog, alerting its subscribers to potential security threats. An example is the alert about a potential hack at CoinEx.
  5. Exchange News: Updates related to major cryptocurrency exchanges are also a staple. This includes news like Huobi Exchange's rebranding to HTX and Coinbase's listing of VeChain (VET) and VeThor (VTHO).
  6. Fundraising Events: The channel provides information about recent private fundraising events among blockchain startups, giving subscribers insights into the latest investment opportunities.
  7. Links and Resources: ICO Analytics also shares valuable resources and links, directing subscribers to their official website, Twitter, and Facebook pages, as well as chat groups for English and Ukrainian speakers.

In conclusion, ICO Analytics offers a comprehensive blend of news, analysis, and updates related to the cryptocurrency world. The channel's content is well-organized and caters to both newbies and seasoned crypto enthusiasts.

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Subscribers Total Number ~ 68,173 Subscribers Gain ~ -223
84.7% male
15.3% female
Activity Post Coverage: ~ 16,417 Post per Day ~ 1 ERR
24.01% -
Reposts Total Amount per 30 Days: ~ 50 Average Gain per 30 days: ~ 3
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Pros & Cons Highly engaged audience

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