Mario Nawfal

Mario Nawfal

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31 October 2020

Mario Nawfal is a dynamic entrepreneur and investor known for hosting some of Twitter's largest shows and providing 24x7 breaking news with an unfiltered and unbiased approach. His verified Twitter account showcases his commitment to delivering news and content without bias or echo chambers, reflecting his diverse interests and activities as a founder and investor.

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1,119,408 Very High Medium Very High N/A
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Mario Nawfal - About

Breaking News and Updates: Mario is committed to providing continuous breaking news and updates, covering a wide range of topics with an unbiased and unfiltered approach.

Entrepreneurship and Business: As a founder and investor, he shares insights and experiences from his entrepreneurial journey, offering advice and discussions on business growth, strategy, and innovation.

Host of Twitter Shows: Known for hosting some of Twitter's largest shows, Mario engages with a wide audience through discussions, interviews, and live shows, covering various topics of interest.

Community Engagement: Mario actively engages with his followers, responding to comments, sharing insights, and fostering a community of informed individuals.

Investment Insights: Sharing his experiences as an investor, Mario provides perspectives on market trends, investment opportunities, and the dynamics of the startup ecosystem.

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Posting Frequency 62.70 / day N/A
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0.39% Very High
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0.50% Very Low
Average Gain per day (30 days): ~ 6,267.4 Total Number per 30 Days: ~ 188,022 Followers Gain: ~ 20.19%
Total Views per 30 days: ~ 1,636,265,244 Views Gain: N/A Views per post: ~ 869,891
Very High
Views Rate:
Very High
Total Likes per 30 days: ~ 5,359,613 Likes per post: ~ 2,849 Very High Likes Rate:
Very Low
Likes Rate Reach: Very High Likes Gain: N/A
Total Comments per 30 days: ~ 990,816 Comments per post: ~ 527 Very High Comments Rate:
Comments Rate Reach: Very High Comments Gain: N/A
Total Retweets per 30 days: ~ 1,620,478 Retweets per post: ~ 861 Very High Retweets Rate:
Retweets Rate Reach: Very High Retweets Gain: N/A
Total Quotes per 30 days: ~ 159,169 Quotes per post: ~ 85 Very High Quotes Rate:
Quotes Rate Reach: Very High Quotes Gain: N/A
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