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Avalaunch is a DeFi launchpad built on the Avalanche network. The platform’s cornerstone principles are good user experience, ensuring that everybody can join the token sales, regardless of their initial stake, and providing rewards to long-term participants. Up to date, Avalaunch launchpad has conducted 26 IDOs, and the platforms’ average ATH ROI is 23.36x. The Avalaunch coin, XAVA, is used for staking and participation in IDOs. To ensure a diverse user base in token sales, Avalaunch doesn’t have a tier system. There are two sale rounds: Validator, accessible for eligible Avalanche validators, and Staking round for XAVA stakers.

May 2021
CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 12 Sep 2023

Avalaunch Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: Medium
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: Los Angeles, USA
Influence Geography: North America, Western and Eastern Europe, Central, East and South Asia, Pacific, Middle East
Type of project assistance: Tokenomics; Technical Support; Product Development
Security Audit: N/A

Avalaunch - About

You may be wondering: “What is Avalaunch?” Let’s take a look at some interesting details about this launchpad. The platform is powered by the Avalanche blockchain network and partners with Ava Labs. In other words, it’s the only official launchpad of Avalanche. 

To participate in Avalaunch IDO, users have to complete four easy steps: 

  1. Sign up and go through the KYC process. However, XAVA staking is possible without registration.
  2. Connect wallet 
  3. Stake XAVA
  4. Register for the token sale

Launchpad Avalaunch has two types of fees: Deposit Fees (2%) and Allocation Fees (2%). Also, the platform implemented the Cooldown Periods to prevent users from unstaking their tokens immediately after an IDO. The penalty fees start at 15% and gradually reduce throughout the cooldown period to 0%. Interestingly, fees aren’t collected by Avalaunch but redistributed among the XAVA coin stakers. This way, Avalaunch aims to incentivize loyal users for their long-term commitment to the platform and contributing to the ecosystem. 

Also, to enhance allocation power for participating in token sales, Avalaunch implemented XAVA Points (XP). For every staked XAVA, the user gets 1 XP, which is grouped with the rest of the tokens. The platform suggests that XP will be earned in various activities besides staking, which will likely be related to continued participation and community engagement on the platform.  

What's particularly fascinating is Avalaunch's Vesting Marketplace. It enables users with vested tokens to sell their right to receive them to other users. Most launchpads don't propose such a service, leaving it to third parties, which sometimes can be risky and costly for the participants. 

Additionally, Avalaunch opened its doors to collaboration with other blockchain projects and introduced the Licensed Fork Program

For projects wishing to launch the token sale with Avalaunch, filling in the application form is necessary. 

Avalaunch Team

Mark Stanwyck
Mark Stanwyck
Dave Donnenfeld
Dave Donnenfeld
Niki Gruttadauria
Niki Gruttadauria
Nikola Madjarevic
Nikola Madjarevic
Lovish Shahi
Lovish Shahi
Global Community Lead
Dmitry Boiko
Dmitry Boiko
Senior Software Engineer

Avalaunch News

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