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BSCStation Launchpad is a DeFi platform aiming to assist high-quality crypto projects in conducting token sales and raising capital effectively. The launchpad stands out as a comprehensive incubator hub, covering all aspects necessary for launching a successful IDO, including product consulting, tokenomics advisory, aid with listing and market-making services, and, of course, a marketing package. Additionally, the launchpad provides support during all token sale stages, including pre-launch, launch, and post-launch campaigns.

February 2021
CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
High 18 Aug 2023

BSCStation Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: High
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Influence Geography: Western Europe, Middle East, Central and East Asia, Latin America
Type of project assistance: Marketing; Tokenomics; Market Making; Product Consulting; Listing; Security Audit & Consulting
Security Audit: N/A

BSCStation - About

BSCStation is a fully decentralized platform that enables new projects to come to life. It's a comprehensive ecosystem that includes an IDO/INO Launchpad, Yield farming, NFT Auction, Marketplace, and BSCStation Swap. According to BSCStation's roadmap, the company plans to release DEX Station and Aggregator, as well as an NFT DAO and Aggregator.

BSCS coin is the native token of the BSCStation ecosystem, built according to the BEP20 standard. It's used for protocol governance, startup incubation, community incentives, and as fuel for DeFi with NFT auctions and transactions. The company aims to provide the best experience for its community, which is why, in addition to BSC (BNB Chain), the company has integrated with several other blockchains, including Ethereum, TRON, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche, OKX, Dogechain, APTOS, Optimism, Polkadot, Arbitrum, Sui and Solana.

To minimize risks and prevent phishing activities, BSC Station offers a tool to verify websites, social media profiles, or even email addresses and phone numbers and confirm their authenticity as official accounts/contact details of the company representatives.

If you're eager to launch an IDO/INO with the BSCStation launchpad and enjoy all the benefits of the cooperation, fill out the application form. Keep in mind that potential projects are carefully selected, and the company has a strict evaluation process. KYC for project owners is a requirement to confirm the necessary level of expertise, and projects must undergo a smart contract audit to ensure that the token meets security requirements and aligns with the decentralized approach.

BSCStation has also launched the IDO Builders program. All interested parties can participate by recommending promising startups and quality crypto projects to launch on the BSCStation platform. The IDO Builders Members receive rewards and benefits for helping to grow a strong ecosystem together.

BSCStation Team

Tuan Anh Luong
Tuan Anh Luong
Founder & CEO
Ho Thien
Ho Thien
Khai (Justin) Le
Khai (Justin) Le
Anne Nguyen
Anne Nguyen
Eric Truong
Eric Truong
Business Development
Sev Dinh
Sev Dinh
Content lead

BSCStation News

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