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Camelot is an IDO platform, incubator and community-driven DEX built on Arbitrum. It has a custom infrastructure developed to empower users and projects with deep and sustainable liquidity. Camelot Launchpad facilitates the most promising crypto startups in conducting public token sales, as well as in raising funds and liquidity in a decentralized way. 

Camelot has launched over 11 projects. The Camelot token (GRAIL) and Penpie notably stand out as the most successful IDOs on the Camelot crypto launchpad, having successfully raised over $3.796M and $586K, achieving an ATH ROI of 18.23x and 7.91x, respectively.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 15 Nov 2023

Camelot Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Very Low
Social Influence: Medium
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: N/A
Influence Geography: N/A
Type of project assistance: Fundraising; Liquidity Provision; Listing; Incubation
Security Audit: n/a

Camelot - About

Camelot is a community-driven ecosystem built on the Arbitrum network, aiming to assist startups in fundraising and listing while providing liquidity to them through its infrastructure that can be divided into two parts

  • Camelot Exchange is a built-in DEX within the Сamelot ecosystem. Camelot DEX  provides users with the ability to stake and add positions in liquidity pools, which can be further staked in Nitro and Genesis pools. 
  • Camelot Launchpad, a platform that is empowered by its unique fair launch model and assists projects in conducting token public sales and raising funds, while also offering incubation services.  

To participate in the Camelot IDO, there is no need to stake or allocate any tokens. You can join a public Camelot auction by selecting the project you wish to contribute to and allocating your funds. During the auction, the token price is determined by the amount of funds raised. You can find the formula for calculating the token price during the Camelot auction here.

The platform is powered by the Camelot token ($GRAIL) and its non-transferable wrapped version, xGRAIL. GRAIL enables users to participate in DAO votings and earn rewards from staking, while xGRAIL offers users the following benefits:

  • Earn dividends: Protocol earnings are redistributed to xGRAIL holders through the Dividends Plugin, with dividends paid out every 7 days.
  • Access launchpad plugins: Allocating xGRAIL to the launchpad provides holders with such benefits as whitelist spots, discounts, airdrops, and more.
  • Boost LP staking APR: Users can allocate their xGRAIL to LP yields to boost the APR by up to 2.5x. You can use a calculator to determine the amount of xGRAIL needed to boost your APR.

Learn more about xGRAIL plugins here

Additionally, you can swap GRAIL to xGRAIL at a 1:1 ratio. However, to redeem GRAIL from xGRAIL, you need to wait for a vesting period ranging from a minimum of 15 days (50% GRAIL output) to a maximum of 180 days (100% GRAIL output).

Camelot Team


Camelot News

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