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DAO Maker is a top-tier IDO launchpad, serving as a hub for early investment opportunities and project exposure. It stands out in the blockchain and crypto realm with its vast token launch experience and robust network. The DAO Maker launchpad adopts a distinctive one-stop-shop solution, additionally offering expert advice on marketing, go-to-market approach, liquidity building, listing and overall strategy.

DAO Maker IDO prospects are enhanced by an ecosystem that boasts a portfolio of over 120 successfully launched projects, including notable ones like My Neighbor Alice, XCAD, VictoriaVR, EPIK Prime, DeRace. 

Major players, such as Avalanche, Harmony, and NEM, have been clients of DAO Maker, utilizing its services.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
High 08 Aug 2023

DAO Maker Overview

Number of Token Sales: 2
Project Support: Very High
Social Influence: High
Total Funds Raised: 700K
Last Token Sales: 04 March
Region of Origin: United Kingdom
Influence Geography: Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Western Asia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia
Type of project assistance: Networking; Marketing; Market Making; Liquidity Provision; Accelerating; Consulting; Tokenomics; Token Infrastructure; Listing.
Security Audit: N/A

DAO Maker - About

So what is DAO Maker? The DAO Maker crypto platform serves as a venture hub linking startups and investors. It offers an extensive array of tools and products that not only empower token projects to secure funding and leverage scalable technologies but also enable investors to engage with and invest in top blockchain projects during the incubation stage.


The DAO Maker launchpad, an integral part of the platform, stands out as a leader, securing a coveted spot in the top ranks. It opens doors to substantial earnings by facilitating investments in top-notch early-stage projects at rock-bottom prices. The launchpad team assesses and selects promising blockchain projects that meet all DAO Maker launchpad requirements, including innovation, viability, credibility, and potential impact. As a result, DAO Maker can boast an impressive average project ROI of 13x post-exchange listings, with the potential for price spikes to reach up to 300x!


DAO Maker has its native DAO token that users must stake to participate in token launches (called Strong Holder Offering or “SHOs”) and access benefits determined by their DAO Maker tiers. Besides, DAO Maker coin holders with a sufficient number of tokens can vote in deciding which projects are to be launched and earn rewards and guaranteed allocations by staking the DAO Maker token.  

Overall, the DAO launchpad comprises two main SHOs: 

  • Private, allowing anyone with more than $250 worth of tokens in their wallet to participate. 
  • Public, with no restrictions on the minimum and maximum $DAO required to get guaranteed allocations and non-inflationary APY.

DAO Maker stands out among other launchpad platforms due to its unique approach to providing a comprehensive set of additional services and support aimed at maximizing the chances of success for the DAO Maker projects. This includes:

  • Incubation: to grow and refine projects’ business ideas, assuring robust tokenomics, community, and marketing support.
  • Market Maker and Exchange Partnerships: DAO Maker aids in identifying and collaborating with market makers and exchanges, thereby, enhancing liquidity and visibility for projects in the market. 
  • Tokenomics Refinement: DAO Maker helps fine-tune the tokenomics of projects, ensuring a balanced and sustainable distribution aligned with the project's goals and long-term viability.
  • Due Diligence: The platform conducts thorough due diligence on projects to ensure credibility and feasibility, safeguarding the interests of both investors and the wider community, etc.

As the crypto business evolves, the DAO Maker remains on top, encouraging innovation and fostering the expansion of the DeFi sector.

DAO Maker - Indusries

DAO Maker Team

Christoph Zaknun
Christoph Zaknun
Malte Christensen
Malte Christensen
Hassan (Hatu) Sheikh
Hassan (Hatu) Sheikh
Jonas Hayajneh
Jonas Hayajneh
Head of Business Development
Pedro Da Silva Rosa
Pedro Da Silva Rosa
Head of Social Media

DAO Maker News

DAO Maker – Token Sales

Project Score Round Score End Date Price Amount to Raise Status Industry
Patex LogoPatex
High04 Mar$0.95$600,000Past
Patex LogoPatex
Medium10 Nov$0.95$100,000Past
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