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DAOLaunch is a decentralized venture capital platform that innovatively connects investors with startups via blockchain, enabling transparent, flexible, and fair financing rounds. It supports projects through every growth phase, facilitating investments through a simple, four-step process. Aimed at democratizing startup funding, DAOLaunch allows for global participation with its token and NFT-based approach, offering a distinct alternative to traditional funding methods.

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N/A 11 Mar 2024

DAOLaunch Overview

Number of Token Sales: 1
Project Support: N/A
Social Influence: N/A
Total Funds Raised: 80K
Last Token Sales: 15 April
Region of Origin: N/A
Influence Geography: N/A
Type of project assistance: N/A
Security Audit: n/a

DAOLaunch - About

DAOLaunch is a decentralized venture capital platform that revolutionizes how investors and startups connect on the blockchain. It introduces innovative solutions for startup fundraising, enabling users to create and support new startups across all borders. This platform facilitates transparent, flexible, and fair financing rounds for both crypto and fiat projects.

At the heart of DAOLaunch's approach is its decentralized crowdfunding model, which supports project growth, community, and long-term user engagement. The platform allows for easy investment in just a few steps, starting from connecting to the DAOLaunch DApp with Metamask, researching projects, investing, and then supporting the project through community engagement.

DAOLaunch aims to bridge the gap between startups and investors on the blockchain, striving for a fair launch for all projects. It offers a platform for startups to apply and onboard, and it positions itself as a popular choice for raising funds when compared to traditional launchpads, equity crowdfunding, and product crowdfunding. The platform secures its transactions through smart contracts, offering tokens & NFTs for decentralized venture capital across borders, with highly functional finance creation features.

Recent activities on DAOLaunch include several Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) for projects like MOMO V2 and D-Ecosystem, demonstrating its capability to host and support diverse projects. With a focus on accessibility, DAOLaunch encourages mass-retail investors to participate in funding without the geographical restrictions typical of centralized systems.

In summary, DAOLaunch is redefining the future of venture funding by leveraging the power of blockchain to create a more inclusive, transparent, and efficient startup ecosystem.

DAOLaunch - Indusries

DAOLaunch News

DAOLaunch – Token Sales

Project Score Round Score End Date Price Amount to Raise Status Industry
5ire logo5ire
Low 15 Apr $0.0843 $80,000 Past
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