ETHPad is a pivotal DeFi and deflationary IDO platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. ETHPad functions as a launchpad where new crypto projects can initiate their launches and receive support for their growth. The company is closely connected with BlueZilla, which stands behind such successful platforms as BSCPad and TronPad. The ETHPad coin – $ETHPAD, is used for various activities, including staking and participation in token sales.

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ETHPad Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Low
Social Influence: Very Low
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: N/A
Influence Geography: Middle East; Southeast Asia; Eastern Europe, North America
Type of project assistance: Marketing; Influencer Marketing; Development; Design & Video Services; Networking; Liquidity Provision; Tokenomics

ETHPad - About

ETHPad facilitates IDOs, which provide a means for new crypto projects to raise funds. Collaboration with BlueZilla, BSCPad, and TronPad allows the company to implement best practices and expertise from leading players in the IDO market. Consequently, ETHPad offers a robust incubation program and support for emerging blockchain projects. This support encompasses marketing services, tokenomics guidance, technical assistance, and all the necessary resources to help novel ventures succeed.


ETHPad tiers are divided into two pools:

  • The Bronze tier operates on a lottery model where users can earn tickets based on the number of ETHPAD they stake. To obtain one ticket, investors need to stake 5000 ETHPad tokens.
  • There are also guaranteed allocation tiers (Silver, Gold, Diamond) that require higher staking levels and offer access to private sales for the highest tier.

Let's look closer at the requirements for ETHPad participation in IDO. The requirements are simple: 

  • purchase ETHPAD tokens, 
  • stake them, 
  • and complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. 

However, if users have previously completed KYC on the BSCPAD website using the same wallet address, there is no need to repeat the process. It will be automatically migrated by ETHPad.

The ETHPad token serves multiple purposes within the platform. Impressed by Ethereum's EIP-1559 update, the company has incorporated deflationary mechanisms into the tokenomics of ETHPAD to reduce the supply of tokens over time. These mechanisms imply a 10% fee on token sales, where 2.5% of tokens are burned, and 7.5% are rewarded to stakers in ETH. Furthermore, to incentivize users to stake ETHPAD for the long term, there's a 25% burn fee for unstaking tokens early.

If you want to apply for incubation on the ETHPad launchpad, please fill out the application form.

ETHPad News

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