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GAGARIN represents an ecosystem that offers crypto startups a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a successful market launch. It also provides investors with diverse earning possibilities, including a distinctive method like risk-free participation in IDOs. Launched in the spring of 2022, the GAGARIN Launchpad has rapidly brought together over 80,000 individuals, secured over $1 million in project investments, and significantly broadened its array of features and capabilities.

16 Feb 2022
CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Low 18 Oct 2023

Gagarin Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Low
Social Influence: Low
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: Seychelles
Influence Geography: Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Western Asia, Eastern Africa
Type of project assistance: Marketing; Listing; MM; Networking; Advisory; Fundraising; Technical Support.
Security Audit: N/A

Gagarin - About

On February 16, 2022, the RSquad blockchain lab introduced GAGARIN Launchpad, a platform that unites crypto enthusiasts and projects seeking fundraising support. In April 2022, GAGARIN hosted its inaugural fundraising event.

GAGARIN is an ever-evolving platform, focusing on expert analysis and nurturing startups. With advanced automation, GAGARIN makes it easier for investors to enter the market and streamlines the process of finding partners and securing funding for projects. GAGARIN is compatible with various blockchains like BNB chain, Ethereum, Polygon, TON, CSC, OKC, Bitgert, AVAX, and other EVM-compatible systems.

Gagarin offers comprehensive services to crypto startups for a successful launch and provides investors with access to token sales of top-tier projects, offering guaranteed earnings with a protective system in place. GAGARIN boasts more than 50 partnerships with funds and influential figures, as well as 90 partnerships with various crypto projects. In addition, it has a community of over 80,000 retail investors.

Like other launchpads, GAGARIN has its native token, GGR. While not mandatory for IDO participation, owning a GGR coin brings added assurances and bonuses.

Gagarin News

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