Impossible Finance crypto launchpad is an IDO fundraising platform and incubator focused on web3 infrastructure, community and projects development. As an incubator, it assists crypto startups with long-term advisory, marketing, networking and fundraising, thereby accelerating their growth.

Impossible Finance launchpad ensures secure and trustworthy investments for its community by conducting due diligence research and providing a buyback guarantee if a project's launch underperforms. 

The platform has launched over 19 IDOs, with Sportium and Highstreet standing out as the most successful ones. 

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 28 Oct 2023

Impossible Finance Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: Medium
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: Singapore
Influence Geography: Eastern Europe; North America; Southeast Asia; Western Europe; Eastern Asia; Western Asia
Type of project assistance: Marketing; Networking; Incubation; IT Consulting; Community Building & Management; Tokenomics; Whitelisting; Token Setup; Project Governance; Listing
Security Audit: n/a

Impossible Finance - About

Impossible Finance launchpad facilitates users in discovering and participating in high-quality token sales in a fair and secure way. Serving as an incubator, Impossible Finance supports early-stage projects at all the development stages providing them with funding, marketing assistance, advisory, networking support and more.

To enhance the project's credibility, Impossible Finance conducts due diligence research before establishing partnerships and provides users with a Buyback Protection Program in case of underperformance.

The Buyback Program is a unique solution that allows IDO participants to sell their allocation tokens at a predetermined price, thereby mitigating their risk exposure. Before the IDO begins, Impossible Finance specifies the Buyback Program trigger price. Once this price is triggered, the platform announces the activation of the program and determines its valid duration. The program participants need to fulfill three requirements to be eligible for the Buyback Protection Program:

  • The market price must be equal or below the Buyback trigger price.
  • The user must request the Buyback during the valid Buyback Valid Time.
  • The user must not have sold any tokens received during the IDO.

The launchpad is powered by the Impossible Finance token ($IDIA) and its vested version ($vIDIA). Using both vIDIA and IDIA tokens allows eligibility for staking and participation in IDOs. The main advantages of holding vIDIA include receiving passive rewards and a larger allocation size in IDO pools. However, unlike the IDIA token, vIDIA can't be transferred to other wallets or traded on exchanges. Find out more about the Impossible Finance coin here.

Impossible Finance IDO has three different pools (types of Sales Cards):

  • Standard pool: staking size is limited to 10k coins.
  • Unlimited pool: no staking size limit.
  • Whitelist sale pool: visible only for winners of marketing campaigns.

To participate in the IDO, you need to complete Impossible Finance KYC and stake either IDIA or vIDIA tokens in one of the three Sales Cards.

Your allocation size depends on the amount and time you staked your coins, the amount and time other participants staked IDIA, and the total amount of a project’s tokens allocated for the IDO. After qualifying for the IDO, you can purchase an allocated token amount and shortly claim it later. Check out the step-by-step Impossible Finance IDO participation guide for more info.

Impossible Finance Team

Calvin Chu
Calvin Chu
CEO & Founder
Lynn Choy
Lynn Choy
Senior Marketing Executive
Johny M
Chief of staff
Chen (Sarah) Q.
Head Of Research
Illia Kovtun
Illia Kovtun
Community manager

Impossible Finance News

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