The MEXC Launchpad serves as a prominent IEO platform within the MEXC Global ecosystem, fostering a connection between investors and early-stage blockchain ventures. It grants MX token holders the opportunity to invest in projects with substantial growth potential, offering 30+ airdrops every week! For four years of the Launchpad's existence, it raised over $6 million in funds with an all-time high (ATH) average return on investment (ROI) of 11.46x. The most successful projects launched on MEXC include WOO NetworkGenopet, and Heroes TD.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 17 Jan 2024

MEXC Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: High
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: China
Influence Geography: Eastern and Western Europe, Central and East Asia, Middle East
Type of project assistance: Fundraising; Market Making; Listing; Financial Counseling; Marketing; Go-to-Market Strategy; Tokenomics; Business Development
Security Audit: n/a

MEXC - About

MEXC is a popular cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018, operating in 170+ countries and attracting over 10 million users with a wide selection of crypto trading services and low fees. At the Crypto Expo Dubai in 2021, MEXC exchange received the award for Best Crypto Exchange in Asia.

MEXC Launchpad is aiming to present to its community the most innovative and reliable projects in the crypto industry. The platform implements a rigorous selection of candidates for the MEXC IEO. This is intended to reduce the risk for investors, ensuring that only promising and reputable projects are featured. To participate in the token sale, users need to hold a minimum of 1000 MX for 30 days and they are not locked up during the event.

In addition, MEXC created a platform – MEXC Kickstarter, where the community can actively participate in the selection of projects to be listed on the exchange and get rewards with airdrops from the winning project. In comparison with Launchpad, for this event, users need to hold MX tokens only for 15 days

In Sep 2023, the Launchpad and Kickstarter MEXC underwent significant updates to enhance user experience and provide investors with more insights about their rewards and earnings It included personal annual percentage yield, project participation numbers, cumulative earnings, and more. 

To empower innovations in the cryptocurrency field and discover new opportunities, MEXC has taken the initiative to create a platform MEXC Ventures and Labs, with Mexc Ventures focusing on comprehensive fund management and investment strategies, and Mexc Labs serving as an accelerator to support and nurture global innovators.


Ryder Junji
Founder & CFO
Zeki Yimin
Zeki Yimin
Head of Offline Development
Bao Uong
Bao Uong
Global People Operations
Leo Chang
Leo Chang
Senior Business Development Manager
Pong Lau
Pong Lau
Head of Growth & Business Development
Christopher Hart
Christopher Hart
Head of Localization - North America


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