The PAID Network is a blockchain-based ecosystem offering a wide range of products and services to fuel top-tier crypto projects.

The Ignition and Apollo-X launchpads are prominent parts of the ecosystem that seamlessly complement each other, enhancing the strengths of the PAID Network while mitigating any potential shortcomings. Traditional "blue-chip" seeking crypto enthusiasts will be satisfied with Ignition opportunities, while those with a more adventurous spirit can explore the exciting opportunities provided by Apollo-X.

PAID Network IDO platform has successfully launched over 100 projects, achieving an ATH AVG ROI of 26.22x. 

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Medium 30 Aug 2023

PAID Network Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: Low
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: Thailand
Influence Geography: Southeast Asia, North America, Western Europe
Type of project assistance: Networking; Marketing; Incubation; Funding; Consulting
Security Audit: n/a

PAID Network - About

The PAID Network is a blockchain-based ecosystem that offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to facilitate the successful launch of promising crypto projects. This includes FUEL - a full-service incubator launched by PAID Network in partnership with Master Ventures. FUEL merges Master Ventures’ advisory and incubation expertise with PAID’s strategic marketing resources to enhance the growth of early-stage projects.

PAID Ignition and Apollo-X launchpad lie at the core of the PAID Network's dynamic ecosystem, playing a pivotal role in fostering innovation, and boosting the growth of blockchain projects.

The Ignition launchpad, as the name suggests, ignites the path for early-stage projects by offering a secure and decentralized swapping protocol. Beyond its technical prowess, Ignition serves as a gateway for community members to gain early access to carefully curated and vetted projects. PAID Ignition uses a lottery system to conduct token sales. However, qualifying for a lottery ticket requires one to stake 1000 or more PAID Network coins to get one of three (3) PAID Network launchpad tiers. It potentially can lead to excluding or discouraging some members from participating in the PAID ecosystem. This is where Apollo-X comes in.

Apollo-X, aka Ignition’s wilder sibling, is the brainchild of PAID Network and Master Ventures. It loosens some of the Ignition PAID Network requirements, such as the 1000 PAID Network token staking, to encourage participation in INOs or IDOs while also maintaining more or less the same rules as seen on the Ignition IDO platform. Apollo X launchpad targets the more novel wildcard projects that may not appeal to the Ignition market en masse, extending the network's reach to a broader range of projects.

Overall, PAID Network launchpad is a hub of innovation, opportunity, and growth. With Ignition and Apollo-X as its pillars, the network has forged a path that bridges early-stage projects with a community eager to embrace the future of blockchain technology. 

PAID Network Team

Kyle Chasse
Kyle Chasse
Dane Hoy
Dane Hoy
Head of incubation
Marta Vitvitska
Marta Vitvitska
Ben Stahlhood II
Ben Stahlhood II
Muhammad Usman Khan
Muhammad Usman Khan

PAID Network News

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