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Scaleswap is a multichain IDO launchpad, incubator and accelerator built on layer 2 scaling protocol. The launchpad contributes to sustainable growth of crypto startups, attracting loyal investors with its unique BoostSCORE allocation system.

Scaleswap assists new blockchain projects in various areas, including marketing, networking, fundraising, strategy development, technology, tokenomics, while advising on technical and security aspects of token launch. 

The Scaleswap launchpad has a track record of successfully conducting over 12 IDOs, with OneArt and Torum stand out as one of the most successful ones.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Low 16 Nov 2023

Scaleswap Overview

Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: High
Social Influence: Very Low
Total Funds Raised: 0
Last Token Sales: N/A
Region of Origin: Seychelles
Influence Geography: Southeastern Asia; South Africa; North America; Eastern Europe; Central America; Middle East; Western Europe.
Type of project assistance: Strategic Support; Incubation; Acceleration; Fundraising; Networking; Marketing; Strategy Development, Tech Advisory; Tokenomics
Security Audit: n/a

Scaleswap - About

Scaleswap IDO launchpad is a multichain fundraising platform that supports Fantom, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Harmony blockchains. Scaleswap elevates the fairness, transparency and accessibility of IDOs to the next level through its unique allocation system. 


As an incubator and accelerator, it offers startups marketing, networking, fundraising, operational, and advisory services. Additionally, to ensure the quality and credibility of projects, Scaleswap launchpad conducts due diligence research for every project that applies for an IDO. 


To eliminate the gap in possibilities for participating in private sales between VCs and small investors, Scaleswap has built the first multichain NFT pre-IDO launchpad - ScaleALPHA, where any dedicated, project-centric investors can become early startup supporters. Early-stage investors benefit from improved token sale conditions and ability to exchange or trade tokens before the unlock event. Users can get access to ScaleALPHA by purchasing an NFT pass with 10000 $SCA or increasing their Boostscore to 2700.  

Scaleswap launchpad is powered by its native utility Scaleswap token (SCA) that directly influences your BoostSCORE tiers. BoostSCORE is a single indicator that determines your allocation in IDOs and voting power in DAO, while offering additional benefits such as airdrops, eligibility for pre-IDOs and autopilot pool participation in IDOs. 

Factors that influence your BoostSCORE are:

  • The amount and duration of time you have held $SCA tokens; 
  • The percentage of $SCA you are currently holding compared to the total amount of $SCA you have ever held.
  • The uninterrupted liquidity provision you have provided in ETH/SCA pools.
  • The quantity of different tokens launched on Scaleswap that you are currently holding in your wallet.
  • The percentage of Scaswap-launched tokens you hold compared to the total number of tokens you have ever held.

To prevent manipulations with BoostSCORE in the days leading up to an IDO, users' Scaleswap tiers are determined by calculating the moving average of ScaleSCORE for the last three days before the IDO begins. Once the moving average is calculated, users receive their tier and allocations for the IDO.

Learn more about BoostSCORE here.

Scaleswap Team

Ralf P. Gerteis
Ralf P. Gerteis
Co-founder & CEO
Stanislav Stolberg
Stanislav Stolberg
Co-founder & CTO
David Markina
David Markina
Head of Design
Mike B.
Mike B.
Project Manager

Scaleswap News

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