Spores Network's Launchpad is a multi-chain platform compatible with BNB Chain, Polygon, and Ethereum blockchains. It serves as a gateway for top-notch blockchain games and metaverse projects to secure funding and gain significant marketing reach. With a focus on GameFi and Metaverse, the Spores Network offers expert advisory support in marketing, blockchain technology, and financial management. Boasting a vast array of crypto industry partnerships, the Spores team steers startups towards a trajectory of success.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Low 18 Oct 2023

Spores Network Overview

Number of Token Sales: 1
Project Support: Low
Social Influence: Very Low
Total Funds Raised: 150K
Last Token Sales: 28 April
Region of Origin: Vietnam
Influence Geography: Southeast Asia, East Asia
Type of project assistance: Networking; Marketing; Technical Support; Tokenomics, Listing.
Security Audit: N/A

Spores Network - About

The standout feature of the Spores Network is its all-encompassing multi-chain launchpad, compatible with BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum. This launchpad serves as a platform for blockchain games and metaverse ventures to secure funding. Additionally, it facilitates various events such as IGOs, INOs, IDOs, and land sales, offering early-stage access to investors seeking involvement in promising projects.

GameFi and Metaverse projects that join Spores Network get help from experts in marketing, blockchain, and finance. These experts help game creators and their teams get the right skills to run a good blockchain business and introduce their first projects on the Spores Launchpad. The Spores team has a lot of connections in the crypto world, helping new businesses grow and succeed.

The Spores crypto platform boasts its proprietary digital token, denoted as SPO, conforming to the ERC20/BEP20 standards. This token embodies specific functionalities delineated within the Spores platform's protocol. Its primary purpose is to serve exclusively as a utility token within the Spores ecosystem. Furthermore, the design of the SPO coin is tailored to incentivize contributors and participants throughout the entire Spores infrastructure.

By staking SPO tokens, community members can engage in launchpad projects within the Spores Network. Spores employs a community-focused tier system, where each tier is determined by the quantity of SPO tokens staked. Each tier offers varied investment possibilities on the Launchpad.

Spores Network - Indusries

Spores Network Team

Eric Hung Nguyen
Eric Hung Nguyen
CEO / Co-Founder
Lilac Mai
Lilac Mai
Business Development & Financial Analyze Executive
Alex Hoong
Alex Hoong
Business Development Manager | PMO
Phuc Nguyen
Phuc Nguyen
Head of Community & Partnership

Spores Network News

Spores Network – Token Sales

Project Score Round Score End Date Price Amount to Raise Status Industry
PairedWorld LogoPairedWorld
High 28 Apr $0.024 $150,000 Past
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