Saakuru Labs Powers Ahead with $2.4 Million Funding: A New Dawn for GameFi and Blockchain Scalability

April 17, 2024 3 min
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Daniel Bennett
Saakuru Labs Powers Ahead with $2.4 Million Funding
Table of contents
  • About Saakuru Labs
Table of contents
  • About Saakuru Labs
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In a monumental leap forward for blockchain technology and the GameFi sector, Saakuru Labs announces a triumphant close to its latest funding round, securing a substantial $2.4 million. This achievement marks a pivotal moment for the burgeoning project, promising to accelerate the adoption of the Saakuru Protocol, a beacon of innovation in blockchain scalability and efficiency.

The Saakuru Protocol, already a cornerstone in the blockchain space with over 430,000 wallets holding assets on its mainnet, has seen its daily transaction volume soar to over 200,000. This surge places Saakuru as the fourth most active Layer 2 (L2) solution, evidencing the industry's growing confidence in its technology.

2024 is poised to be a landmark year for the Saakuru ecosystem, with more than 40 projects set to launch. Highlights include PlayGround by Worlds Beyond and engaging titles like Crypto Run and Soccer Sage, promising a vibrant and diverse gaming experience. The involvement of Worlds Beyond, a key player in the GameFi arena, further underscores the ecosystem's potential for growth and innovation.

The funding round, led by Based VC and ARC Community, showcases the strong belief in Saakuru Labs' vision and the Saakuru Protocol's technical excellence. The round attracted a consortium of esteemed investors, underlining the widespread support for Saakuru's mission to redefine DeFi and blockchain scalability.

The addition of high-profile angel investors, including notable figures from various sectors, brings not only financial backing but also a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise. This collective support is a testament to Saakuru Labs' potential to revolutionize the blockchain landscape.

Saakuru Labs is not just about technological innovation; it's about building a community-driven ecosystem that champions inclusivity and collaboration. This round of funding is a strategic move to broaden the adoption of the Saakuru Protocol and lay a solid foundation for future developments.



About Saakuru Labs

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At its core, Saakuru is a user-centric L2 Protocol designed to eliminate transaction fees, backed by the Saakuru Developer Suite. This suite empowers developers to integrate complex digital products into Web3 effortlessly, fostering a seamless transition from Web2. Saakuru's ultra-fast block time facilitates the smooth operation of on-chain applications, enhancing the user experience by removing gas fees. This innovation is particularly appealing to Web3 newcomers, promising a more accessible and enjoyable digital future.

As we look towards a horizon bright with potential, Saakuru Labs continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain space. With this latest funding round, the future of GameFi and blockchain technology has never looked more promising.

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