An Introduction to CoinLaunch: Crypto Fundraising, Influencer & NFT Analytics Tool

January 10, 2024 12 min
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Daniel Bennett
Introduction to CoinLaunch
Table of contents
  • Intro
  • What, Why and How: CoinLaunch, One of the Best Crypto Analysis Tools
  • CoinLaunch Modules – What Is There to See?
  • Projects Module: ICO, IDO, IEO, IFO, ILO, STO Calendar and In-depth Reviews
  • “Launchpad Crypto Platforms” Module 
  • “Crypto Fund” Module 
  • “Crypto Influencers” Module 
  • Events Module 
  • Conclusion 
Table of contents
  • Intro
  • What, Why and How: CoinLaunch, One of the Best Crypto Analysis Tools
  • CoinLaunch Modules – What Is There to See?
  • Projects Module: ICO, IDO, IEO, IFO, ILO, STO Calendar and In-depth Reviews
  • “Launchpad Crypto Platforms” Module 
  • “Crypto Fund” Module 
  • “Crypto Influencers” Module 
  • Events Module 
  • Conclusion 
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In this complex and dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain fundraising and marketing, a common crypto investor or newbie can hardly track the market progress and developments fully. Likewise, it's difficult to get accurate, transparent, and verified data on each project, influencer, or institutional investor, as well as detect scams or potential rekt in advance. 


“As a result, it’s almost impossible for plebs to find important intersections and be on time with decisions and actions vital for their financial well-beingBe it an early investment in the right project, skip of the future scam or timely participation in fateful, life-changing retrodrops.


With this problem in mind, we decided to create a reliable informational source, a North Star for those seeking quality and verified data that will help them mitigate investment risks, overcome the market complexity and capitalize on the best opportunities available on the crypto market. This North Star is called CoinLaunch – an unmatched crypto analysis tool designed to provide a simple and structured way to discover, evaluate and compare luring earning opportunities as well as other crucial actors and components that shape the cryptocurrency arena.


In this article, we will take you on a tour of CoinLaunch, exploring its "What, Why, How and For Whom." Find out the purpose behind CoinLaunch creation, how it addresses the complex challenges faced by crypto enthusiasts, and the invaluable tools the platform provides to individual investors, businesses, and crypto startups. Come aboard as we navigate through CoinLaunch's core modules and features, with each presenting a unique perspective on token sales and the crypto investment landscape overall.


Doesn’t matter whether you're looking to invest, launch your own crypto project, or simply stay informed about the latest trends and events in the industry, CoinLaunch is your go-to solution when it comes to accessing professionally reviewed projects, funds, launchpads, influencers and various activities and events. Let's delve into the depths of this innovative platform of ours and unlock the full potential it has to offer.


Without further ado, let’s break CoinLaunch down simply!

What, Why and How: CoinLaunch, One of the Best Crypto Analysis Tools


CoinLaunch is an ultimate crypto ranking platform that serves as a meticulously curated database of professionally analyzed and rated token sales, funds, launchpads, events and influencers. Think of it as a digital library, where you can discover comprehensive details and in-depth reviews of the new, trending and established projects, investors and various other key players within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


​​Why does this platform exist and what is its purpose, in simple terms? What led to its creation?


CoinLaunch was born out of a straightforward cause-and-effect scenario. The crypto investment landscape is inherently complex and rapidly growing, and within the crypto sphere, this complexity is amplified by the presence of scams and a constant stream of new projects, launchpads, influencers, and events.


The core issues faced by crypto investors are: 


  1. Crypto market is full of scams, making it challenging (sometimes almost impossible) to distinguish legitimate projects from fraudulent schemes. In just 2022 alone, cybercriminals managed to get away with an unprecedented $3.8 billion in cryptocurrency, as disclosed in a report by the blockchain analysis company Chainalysis. This figure reflects a 15% surge compared to the previous year's total of $3.3 billion.
  2. The crypto space is overloaded with events, token sales and other various activities, making it overwhelming for investors to track and stay updated on all of them. According to Chainalysis' 2023 Crypto Crime Report, a remarkable 1.1 million new tokens were introduced in 2022.
  3. The daunting process of performing proper due diligence every potential investor stumbles upon: not only is it already hard to catch up with the sheer volume of token sales, but it is exceptionally difficult to filter good, great and mediocre projects out. The same goes for influencers (Key Opinion Leaders), investment funds, launchpads (fundraising platforms) and activities (airdrops, retrodrops, bounty campaigns, grants, etc.).  


So, what is the solution for someone who wants to sort this mess, stay informed about these developments and effectively filter out the scams? As one of the best crypto research sites in the industry, CoinLaunch steps in to simplify this intricate process by performing professional evaluation and conducting in-depth analysis.


While CoinLaunch is not the pioneer platform to do so, it stands out as the first to compile all of that in one concept, assembling a comprehensive database of influencers, funds, launchpads, token sales, and events in a single place. 


How do we address the problems described above? With the help of in-depth analysis + rating system + dedicated and experienced research team.

Our team

The CoinLaunch team consists of experts with a solid background in finance, cryptocurrency investments, marketing, and blockchain development. Drawing from various experiences in different markets, we all came together to combine our knowledge and create a unique platform with a comprehensive rating system and structured, unified analysis process. 

Unique rating system – CoinLaunch Score

The backbone of our professional assessment is a special rating system, the CoinLaunch Score. Developed by our team, it considers over 80 variables tailored to each evaluation category, such as funds, influencers, launchpads, projects and activities etc. It provides a holistic and more importantly unbiased overview, a valuable tool for your research.


A weekly showcase that unveils the hidden gems and fresh additions to our platform. Here, we spotlight the most thrilling projects, funds, influencers, events, and launchpads that have found their place on CoinLaunch. 

Professional analysis

Central to our crypto & NFT analysis tool is detailed analysis and overview of a token sale/fund/influencer/etc. No stone is left unturned when it comes to assessing a project's credibility, viability and quality. We scour the Internet daily extensively researching infrastructure, team, whitepaper, news, marketing performance to ensure that you receive a well-rounded perspective of what's under the hood.


Moreover, we don't just provide conclusions – we offer insights backed by data. When you see that our ratings and analyses are grounded in verifiable numbers and facts, you can have confidence in the information we provide.

For Whom?

Essentially, CoinLaunch caters for two categories of crypto enthusiasts:


For Individual Investors (b2c): First of all, the platform is well-designed and will be in use for those who want to dip their toes into the world of crypto investment, particularly in token sales. Here they can follow the performance and activity of their associated funds, launchpads, token rounds, influencers and various events. CoinLaunch can also be considered as one of the most valuable blockchain analysis tools for discovering upcoming events and projects before they get widespread attention.


For Businesses (b2b): The next category of users that this platform will be especially beneficial for are businesses operating in the crypto landscape. CoinLaunch provides a rich database featuring influencers from various social media platforms and topics a crypto startup can leverage in their influencer marketing strategy. In addition, we can significantly facilitate business development by connecting a business with any entity listed on our platform. Similarly, CoinLaunch crypto analysis tool provides a comprehensive selection of crypto funds and launchpads, together with detailed analysis and a rating. For them, this list is a strategic asset that aids in identifying the right investors and funds to approach, ensuring a seamless fit with their unique project objectives.


To summarize, CoinLaunch is a perfect hub for both observation and active participation, addressing the needs of individual investors pursuing personal investment goals and businesses striving to achieve their strategic pursuits.

CoinLaunch Modules – What Is There to See?

Now we will walk you through the core modules of CoinLaunch platform:

Projects Module: ICO, IDO, IEO, IFO, ILO, STO Calendar and In-depth Reviews

CoinLaunch’s Project Module is a pure selection of token sales, assembled by their origins within various crypto sectors, such as DeFiGameFiNFTAIBlockchain InfrastructureMeme etc. 


For crypto startups and investors alike, it provides a deep down research and analysis on all upcomingongoingpre-sale/whitelists and past token sales in the crypto space. 


Our team has reviewed thousands of token sales, and we’ve come up with a formula that can effectively and with precision evaluate projects’ potential, trustworthiness and viability in the market. The rating system considers more than 80 project-related factors, including what platform they are holding token sale in, the level of promotion they get, the team working on the startup, investors, token use cases, whitepaper and more. In addition, we list, breakdown, rate and connect all the activities related to a certain project. 


CoinLaunch is like a bridge that connects innovative projects with potential backers and community members. We achieve this by providing in-depth analysis and information, all while affording investors a structured approach to explore and assess various investment opportunities within the crypto space.

Launchpad Crypto Platforms” Module 

The best crypto launchpad people are buzzing about is not always the one you should go for. 


But what defines a good crypto launchpad? We believe there are three pillars upon which a crypto launchpad stands:


  1. Track record of past token sales conducted on the platform
  2. Staking and allocation distribution rules
  3. Social media presence


At the time of writing, there are around 100 platforms that help crypto startups raise funds. Conducting such rigorous research on each launchpad can be an overwhelming task, especially considering the prevalence of scams in the industry.


This is where CoinLaunch steps in, shedding the light on all existing crypto launchpads while also exposing their historical performance, ROI, projects they supported, participation requirements, vetting process, and more. For token sale investors, a meticulous crypto launchpad analysis adds a layer of protection to their investments and enables them to focus on launchpads that host promising, >20x ROI projects at an early stage. 


Crypto businesses, on the other side, benefit equally from an extensive analysis but slightly in a different dimension. They must tick all the right boxes to find a launchpad that not only offers a platform to host a token sale, but also provides marketing assistance, access to a broader audience base, technical guidance, and assistance with future listings on crypto exchanges.

Crypto Fund” Module 

Our complete list of crypto investment individuals and institutions goes beyond serving the needs of those seeking partnerships for business purposes. Within the crypto market, the presence of established funds acts as a quality mark, guiding potential investors toward projects that have garnered trust and support from industry leaders. 


In the Crypto Fund Module we gathered the most common for blockchain industry crypto funds, including VCsguildsDAOsangel investorsexchange fundscorporate funds and hedge funds, each with its in-depth review and CoinLaunch Score. Discover cryptocurrency fund’s historical investment, portfolio, ROI of supported projects, areas of focus and other important data in detailed profiles that were curated and verified by CoinLaunch team.

Crypto Influencers” Module 

In the blockchain community, crypto influencers and Key Opinion Leaders hold immense power over investor sentiment. Hence, for crypto startups, they’ve become a pillar upon which stays a great part of marketing - influencer marketing. Hence, tracking their online presence and reputation is crucial.


Recognizing their influence on investor decisions and their role in crypto marketing, we've curated a complete database of all crypto, NFT, and DeFi influencers from across TwitterYouTubeTikTokInstagramDiscord, and Telegram. From NFT experts to airdrop groups and channels, our list unveils the crypto voices shaping today’s conversation.


Get a 360-degree overview of key cryptocurrency influencers: see the projects they promote, analyze their social media reach & engagement rate (ER), identify their affiliations with funds, investors and scam schemes. Equipped with all this knowledge, findings and ratings, crypto investors, traders, and businesses can confidently make informed decisions regarding potential collaborations with influencers or involvement in projects endorsed by these KOLs.

Events Module 

Don’t miss a single moment! Stay informed and engaged as you observe the progress of each funding stage and crypto contest with CoinLaunch. Our Events Module keeps you in the loop about upcoming, active and past crypto competitions, airdrops and retrodrops as well as crowdfunding rounds, ensuring you're always at the forefront of exclusive earning opportunities and project’s development.


What kind of events can you find on our platform?


  1. Crypto calendar of crypto crowdfunding rounds: monitor and compare all kinds of crypto funding rounds, both public (ICO, IDO, STO, ILO etc) and private (Pre-sales, Seed, Strategic & Private Rounds). 
  2. Coin Calendar of crypto contests: an ultimate list of the hottest cryptocurrency events and profit-making activities, where you can not only earn cryptocurrency but unlock other exclusive perks provided by your favorite project. From retrodrops and airdrops to grantsgiveaways and bounty programs – our list covers all the exciting upcoming and active potentially profitable earning opportunities for you. 


Our cryptocurrency analysis tool aggregates and verifies both crowdfunding rounds and crypto contests in terms of the participation rules, requirements, difficulty level, rewards distribution model, token lock up periods, deadlines, venues and more to showcase you the most detailed breakdown of the best events out there.


As we wrap up this exploration of CoinLaunch, we hope you've gained a full picture of the platform's essence, purpose, and features. CoinLaunch isn't just an ultimate crypto analysis tool – it's a reliable informational resource that educates and simplifies crypto token sale intricacies, making them more accessible and safe.


And now, once you are acquainted with all the features and the platform overall, it is high time you started your own exploration. Dive into our Token Sale & NFT analytical tool to discover a wealth of in-depth analysis, valuable insights, and meticulous research to make informed and data-based choices. Your conscious investment journey starts now!

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