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Airdrop (Retrodrop) For Early Adopters

Past 07 Apr - 08 Mar

Aevo is a decentralized exchange that offers advanced tools for trading crypto perpetuals and derivatives. It aims to deliver users a trading experience similar to centralized exchanges but in a more trustless and secure way.

The platform is powered by the native $AEVO token, which can be used for earning APR and paying discounted trading fees via staking, as well as participating in decentralized governance votings.

Recently, the Aevo exchange officially confirmed the launch of the AEVO token and an airdrop for early adopters, allocating 3% of its total supply (approximately $7.5M) for the retrodrop.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 11 Mar 2024

Aevo - Airdrop (Retrodrop) For Early Adopters Overview

start date: 07 Apr
end date: 08 Mar
Reward Distribution: 13 Mar
Reward: $125
Winners: 60,000
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How to join  Aevo - Airdrop (Retrodrop) For Early Adopters ?

To participate in the Aevo airdrop campaign, users should have generated trading volume on the platform before the start of the Aevo farming program on January 31, 2024.

Although the airdrop farming program isn’t currently available on the platform, CoinLaunch has prepared some of the most effective steps on how you can become eligible for the Aevo airdrop:

  • Follow Aevo on social media:

Stay updated on the most important news and updates from Aevo exchange by following Aevo on Twitter and joining its Discord server.

  • Trade perpetuals on Aevo:

Visit the Aevo website and trade any perpetuals, options, or pre-launched tokens available to qualify for the airdrop. Trade consistently and frequently on the platform to improve your loyalty and trading volume scores.

Avoid using wash trade methods to inflate your volume and number of trades, as this could negatively impact your loyalty score and result in receiving fewer $AEVO tokens during the airdrop.

  • Contribute USDC to Aevo Savings:

Visit the Aevo xyz portfolio page, provide your USDC as collateral, and earn up to 4.25% APR while increasing your chances of qualifying for the $AEVO airdrop.

  • Participate in the Aevo farming program:

During the Airdrop Farming Program, users were able to farm additional $AEVO tokens based on their trading volume and loyalty to the platform, including consistency of trading and account creation time. The platform also introduced a "Farming Boost" factor, which served as a multiplier to the upcoming $AEVO airdrop based on users' volume and loyalty scores.


Please note that the airdrop farming campaign isn’t available, and $AEVO airdrop claims will occur on March 13, 2024, on the Aevo official page. Any other external links and announcements regarding the Aevo airdrop are likely to be fake and aimed at scamming people. Therefore, we recommend paying close attention to information only from Aevo official social media channels.


Good Luck!

Step-by-step Guide

  • Follow Aevo on social media; 

  • Trade Perpretuals and Options on Aevo;

  • Contribute USDC to Aevo Savings;

  • Participate in the AEVO token farming program.

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