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Airdrop (Retrodrop)

Active 06 Apr - 01 Oct

EigenLayer is a decentralized restaking protocol that allows users to enhance Ethereum decentralized applications with their liquid staking tokens. Soon after the project is fully developed and AVS starts deploying on EIgenlayer, users will have the opportunity to earn additional APR.

Despite the lack of official information about the EigenLayer token release, the EigenLayer airdrop is currently one of the most discussed topics among the crypto community, especially on social media platforms.

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Very High 16 Jan 2024

EigenLayer - Airdrop (Retrodrop) Overview

start date: 06 Apr
end date: 01 Oct
Reward Distribution: 01 Nov
Reward: N/A
Winners: N/A
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How to join  EigenLayer - Airdrop (Retrodrop) ?

EigenLayer hasn't officially announced the token release and EigenLayer token airdrop (retrodrop) yet, but there are a lot of rumors about the upcoming massive EigenLayer’s token drop on the market. 

So, we decided to prepare a detailed guide outlining tips and steps to increase chance to receive airdrop:

  • Follow EigenLayer on Social media: 

Although EigenLayer has already launched the mainnet and currently supports the staking of native ETH tokens and over 9 LSTs (liquid staking tokens), continuously extending its capabilities to accommodate ETH and LSTs, there are still limitations, and it is not always possible to be in time with restaking ETH on the platform. Also, the minimum staking amount required for Ethereum is 32 ETH. That's why it is important to follow EigenLayer on social media and stay tuned for any updates on EigenLayer;

  • Utilizing mainnet: 

Get LST tokens by staking ETH on protocols such as Lido, Swell, Rocket Pool, etc. Then, visit the EigenLayer restaking page, connect your wallet, and check if there is any space available for staking on EigenLayer. If space is available, choose a pool with your LST tokens and restake them. If not, you will need to monitor announcements and updates from EigenLayer regarding another network extension. 

  • Participate in testnet: 

While fees for bridging using EigenLayer on the Ethereum mainnet could be expensive, consider making a few transactions on the testnet. To use the EigenLayer testnet, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Goerli Ethereum page and obtain some Goerli ETH;
  2. Send Goerli ETH to Lido’s stETH token contract address “0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F” to receive stETH. 
  3. Alternatively to Lido, you can stake Goerli ETH on the Rocket Pool testnet page and receive rETH;
  4. Then, visit the EigenLayer testnet page and connect your wallet;
  5. Select “Rocket Pool ETH” to restake your rETH tokens or “Lido Staked Ether” to restake stETH.

However, keep in mind that using the testnet may be a less effective way to increase your chances of being eligible for the retrodrop.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Join EigenLayer social media; 

  • Get the LST tokens by staking on Lido or other protocols; 

  • Restake LST tokens on EigenLayer;

  • Get testnet ETH on Goerli Page;

  • Send received ETH on Lido’s stETH contract address - “0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F”;

  • Alternatively, stake ETH on Rocket Pool testnet page and receive rETH;

  • Go to the Eigenlayer testnet and connect your wallet; 

  • Restake stETH in “Lido Staked Ether” pool or rETH in “Rocket Pool ETH”

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