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Past 01 Apr - 01 Feb

LayerZero has emerged as a promising solution to the interoperability challenge, facilitating seamless communication and asset transfers between disparate blockchains.

While the project doesn't currently have its own token, its impressive fundraising of $293.3 million from renowned investors like Binance Labs and Andreessen Horowitz strongly suggests the potential for a token launch in the future. This anticipation has fueled excitement within the crypto community, with many eagerly awaiting the announcement of a potential, retrospective LayerZero airdrop (aka Retrodrop).

The LayerZero team hasn't officially detailed the criteria for retrodrop eligibility. However, maintaining consistent engagement with LayerZero-based protocols and active participation in social media activities could enhance the likelihood of receiving $ZRO tokens.

Drawing from insights gained from previous airdrops and our extensive research, actively utilizing Stargate, exploring other LayerZero dApps, and participating in guild initiatives are just a few of actions. recommended by our team.

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Very High 30 Nov 2023

LayerZero - Airdrop (Retrodrop) Overview

start date: 01 Apr
end date: 01 Feb
Reward Distribution: TBA
Reward: N/A
Winners: N/A
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How to join  LayerZero - Airdrop (Retrodrop) ?

While LayerZero has yet to officially announce an airdrop, there are proactive steps you can take to boost your chances of receiving ZRO tokens. Here's a guide to maximizing your airdrop potential:


1. Join LayerZero Discord server

To stay connected with the LayerZero community and receive updates on the latest developments, join the LayerZero Discord server. LayerZero is currently removing inactive users, so join as soon as possible to avoid being removed.


2. Utilize Stargate 

Drawing parallels with past airdrops like Optimism, Arbitrum, and Aptos, it's likely that increased interaction with LayerZero-built protocols could boost eligibility for potential ZRO airdrops.

Stargate is a bridge protocol developed in collaboration with LayerZero's CEO. There is a potential for increased activity in Stargate, which could lead to higher rewards. You can participate in Stargate by:

  1. Bridging Assets: Bridge assets between different blockchains using Stargate's transfer feature.
  2. Providing Liquidity: Provide liquidity to Stargate pools to earn rewards. Consider contributing at least $1,000 to qualify for a guild role.
  3. Participating in Snapshot Voting: Participate in Snapshot voting to voice your opinion on community proposals.
  4. Staking STG Tokens: Stake at least 30 STG tokens to receive additional benefits, including a guild role.


3. Engage with other dApps built on LayerZero

Engaging consistently with protocols built on LayerZero or utilizing LayerZero is advisable rather than doing so only once. This is because protocols often distribute tokens through airdrops to users who actively and regularly use their products, demonstrating sustained user interest.

In addition to Stargate, there are many other dApps built on LayerZero that you can use, such as Bitcoin bridgeAptos Pancake bridgeRage TradeAngle ProtocolMugen FinanceRadiant CapitalHashflowOmni X, etc.


4. Participate in the Stargate Guild

Earn guild roles by completing various tasks. These roles may provide additional benefits, including increased rewards. View available tasks here.


5. Engage with LayerZero Testnet

The LayerZero Demo showcases the power of the LayerZero Bridge, enabling seamless asset transfers across blockchains. Unlike previous projects that focused on test environments, the LayerZero Demo is actively running on the Goerli and Fuji test networks, providing users with a real-world experience of LayerZero's capabilities.

To begin, connect MetaMask to the Goerli network. Then, on the exchange panel below, click to request test tokens: USDC, ETH, or AVAX. Finally, transfer chosen tokens between the two networks.


6. Utilize LayerZero Bridge

Connect your wallet to the LayerZero website, go to the Bridge tab, select the token you want to bridge and the network you want to bridge to, enter the amount of tokens you want to bridge, and click “Transfer.”

Bridging and liquidity pool operations on the Ethereum network incur a commission of around $40, while Arbitrum and Optimism networks carry a modest fee of approximately $1.

Step-by-step Guide

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