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Airdrop (Retrodrop)

Active 30 Mar - 30 Apr

Linea, a brand new project from ConsenSys, the team behind the popular MetaMask wallet and blockchain infrastructure solutions like Infura, seeks to empower developers to build on Ethereum without sacrificing speed or cost. This Layer 2 scaling solution aims to address Ethereum's scalability limitations and high gas fees, making it a potentially game-changing platform for developers.

While rumors of an airdrop swirl, no official confirmation exists. The project's documentation maintains a discreet silence on the matter, yet there have been indications suggesting potential rewards for developers who contribute to the ecosystem.

In the event of an airdrop, its scale could be substantial. Speculation arises from Consensys' impressive fundraising of $725 million, leading some to believe that Linea has the potential to host one of the most significant airdrops to date.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Very High 24 Jan 2024

Linea - Airdrop (Retrodrop) Overview

start date: 30 Mar
end date: 30 Apr
Reward Distribution: TBA
Reward: $15,000
Winners: N/A
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How to join  Linea - Airdrop (Retrodrop) ?

While there is no official airdrop criteria, we know that being an engaged user is the best way to increase our eligibility. To participate in the testnet and subsequently, possibly, receive an airdrop from Linea, it is enough to complete several activities. The costs for this will be minimal; you only need the Metamask wallet, updated to the latest version and capital stake of $500-1000. So, to get qualified for the Linea Airdrop (Retrodrop), we recommend you to perform the following actions:

1. Utilize the Linea Bridge 

One of the few bridges to take advantage of is the official bridge of Linea. However,  be aware that it may involve ETH and potentially high gas fees due to network congestion. For a potentially more economical option in the future, consider exploring the other bridging solutions available.

2. Transfer tokens through other Linea-based bridges

Linea presents various bridges worth exploring. 

It's noteworthy that some of these projects hold their own potential for retroactive airdrops, making it worthwhile to engage with them.

3. Engage with Linea DEXs

DEXs are a great way to generate on-chain activity, which can be crucial for airdrop eligibility. Here are the top three DEXs on Linea:

  • PancakeSwap: A familiar face for many crypto enthusiasts, PancakeSwap brings its proven AMM (automated market maker) formula to Linea, offering a vast pool of tokens and flexible trading options. 
  • Syncswap: This innovative platform boasts instant swaps, low fees, and a focus on user experience.
  • iZiSwap:  iZiSwap's intuitive interface and diverse asset selection make it a great choice for beginners and seasoned traders alike.

4. Purchase NFTs on Zonic

An additional eligibility factor to increase one’s potential chances for earnings in the Linea airdrop could involve using Zonic, a L2 NFT marketplace that supports Linea NFTs. Simply purchase any NFT, with numerous collections available for under $1.

5. Create NFTs on bilinear

Take your engagement further by exploring Bilinear, a platform that allows you to create your own NFTs. By actively participating in both purchasing and creating NFTs, you maximize your exposure and potential rewards in the evolving decentralized landscape.

6. Utilize lending protocols on Linea blockchain

  • LayerBank: Head to and explore their lending platform. Start by supplying any amount of ETH to the Supply Market. For an extra boost, consider borrowing and instantly returning ETH, a strategic way to amplify your earning potential for the airdrop.
  • Mendi Finance: Maximize your rewards on Linea by actively using Mendi Finance. Deposit various assets like USDC, USDT, or WETH to their lending pools. Explore borrowing and repaying options to optimize your earning potential for the airdrop. Don't forget about staking your $MENDI tokens for even more potential benefits.

7. Register a Linea domain name

Register a unique name on Linea Domain Service for just 0.002 ETH plus gas fees: Consider registering multiple domains to potentially increase your rewards.

8. Mint NFT through the Linea Voyage program

Engage in the Linea Voyage program to mint exclusive NFTs by actively participating in weekly challenges that delve into the exploration of layer2 networks. Accumulate points through these challenges to unlock and claim Linea NFTs, adding unique digital assets to your collection.

Good luck! 

Step-by-step Guide

  • Utilize the Linea Bridge 

  • Transfer tokens through other Linea-based bridges

  • Engage with Linea DEXs

  • Purchase NFTs on Zonic

  • Create NFTs on bilinear

  • Utilize lending protocols on Linea blockchain

  • Register a Linea domain name

  • Mint NFT through the Linea Voyage program

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