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Linea (N/A)

Total Raise: N/A
Date: 30 Mar 2023 - 30 Apr 2024

Linea stands out as a developer-focused zk-rollup, offering a decentralized Layer 2 network that enhances Ethereum's scalability for dApps, enabling increased transactions and computational capabilities.

The project's credibility is underscored by strong support from ConsenSys, a prominent blockchain technology company.

While the Linea crypto project is a beacon of innovation, official information about its native token remains undisclosed on its website and social channels. Details regarding Linea token economics, distribution mechanisms, or potential utilities are yet to be released.

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Linea Overview

Ticker: N/A
Country: United States
Industry: Blockchain Service
Founded: 2019
Whitelist: n/a
Blockchain Network: Linea
KYC: n/a
Bounty: Yes
MVP: Yes
Type: IDO
Security Audit: n/a

Linea Review

Linea is an Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain developed by ConsenSys that aims to provide a developer-friendly and scalable solution for Ethereum dApps. It is a zkEVM L2 network, which means that it utilizes zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to achieve high throughput and low transaction fees while maintaining compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine).

The inception of the Linea crypto network dates back to 2019, emerging in response to Ethereum's pressing scalability issues. This was succeeded by the unveiling of the zkEVM specification at DevCon 6 during Fall 2022, and the subsequent successful initiation of the alpha release of Linea's mainnet in July.

Addressing the scalability challenges of the Ethereum mainnet, Linea employs quantum-resistant lattice-based cryptography to generate zero-knowledge proofs encompassing every transaction within the network, seamlessly rolling them up to the Mainnet. This unique approach ensures the recording of each transaction on the Ethereum ledger while significantly reducing the computational overhead, resulting in lower fees and faster transaction speeds.

Guided by a forward-thinking vision, the Linea team prioritizes three key objectives: nurturing dApp growth for developers, establishing an ultra-secure and hyper-scalable web3 environment for users, and fostering a dynamic and increasingly decentralized Layer 2 ecosystem.

💡 PRO Tip & Airdrop Alert: ConsenSys's substantial fundraising of $726,7 million, coupled with Linea's recent mainnet launch, suggests a promising future for potential token distribution. Confirmations to reward early testnet participants fuel speculations that Linea may introduce its native token in the future, potentially executing an airdrop for early testnet and mainnet contributors.

Linea Token Economy

Total Raise:
Total Supply:
Private/Pre-sale: (0%)
Public Sale: (0%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV):
Initial Circulation Supply: (0% of FDV)

Linea Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  16 Jan 2024 Upgrade

Linea Team

Joseph Lubin
Joseph Lubin
CEO / President
Vanessa Grellet
Vanessa Grellet
Executive Director
James Wicker
James Wicker
NFT & Web3 Marketing
Nicole Adarme
Nicole Adarme
Product Marketing Director
Guillaume Dechaux
Guillaume Dechaux
Managing Director

Linea News

Linea Roadmap

Phase 0
  • Linea Mainnet Alpha Launch
  • Initiate Security Council
  • EVM-Equivalence
Phase 1
  • Open Source Stack
  • 100% EVM Coverage
Phase 2
  • Diversifying the Security Council
  • Censorship Resistant Withdrawals
Phase 3
  • Decentralizing Operators
  • Decentralizing Governance
Phase 4
  • Multi-Prover
  • Limiting Governance Powers

Linea Airdrop & Retrodrop & Bounty

Airdrop (Retrodrop)
Linea Logo
Start Date:
30 Mar 2023
End Date:
30 Apr 2024


Linea, a brand new project from ConsenSys, the team behind the popular MetaMask wallet and blockchain infrastructure solutions like Infura, seeks to empower developers to build on Ethereum without sacrificing speed or cost. This Layer 2 scaling solution aims to address Ethereum's scalability limitations and high gas fees, making it a potentially game-changing platform for developers.

While rumors of an airdrop swirl, no official confirmation exists. The project's documentation maintains a discreet silence on the matter, yet there have been indications suggesting potential rewards for developers who contribute to the ecosystem.

In the event of an airdrop, its scale could be substantial. Speculation arises from Consensys' impressive fundraising of $725 million, leading some to believe that Linea has the potential to host one of the most significant airdrops to date.

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