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Meson Network
Testnet Retrodrop

Past 03 Feb - 15 Feb

Meson Network is a decentralized physical infrastructure network and marketplace for trading computing power and cloud storage. It allows anyone to use or contribute computing power to the network in exchange for rewards. The rewards within the Meson Network are paid in the native $MSN tokens.

According to the project's final tokenomics, 1% of the total supply will be used for rewarding participants of the Meson Network testnet. Based on that information, the CoinLaunch team analyzed all available information and prepared a comprehensive guide on how to participate in the Meson Network testnet. Check it out! 

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High 30 Jan 2024

Meson Network - Testnet Retrodrop Overview

start date: 03 Feb
end date: 15 Feb
Reward Distribution: 15 Mar
Reward: $15
Winners: N/A
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How to join  Meson Network - Testnet Retrodrop ?

Recently, the Meson Network, on its ICO page on CoinList, shared its tokenomics, allocating 1% of the total supply or 1 million ($1.75 million) for the testnet participants' retrodrop.

Relying on that information, the CoinLaunch team analyzed the Meson Network testnet and prepared a comprehensive guide on how to participate and become eligible for the MSN token retrodrop:

First, you must add the Sepolia testnet network to your wallet and get some testnet Ethereum from the Sepolia faucet. Following this, you should create an account on the Meson Network dashboard and download the node onto your computer using the mining tutorial.

Once the node is installed, you can daily receive testnet points by mining (providing your computer power) with the installed node. To convert these points into MSN test tokens, visit the claim page add the token address "0xde939833Ed21FE3833d3d9E545dC7Faa9F161D06" to your wallet and click on the "claim" button. The points will automatically convert into tokens and become claimable by clicking the "get the tokens" button.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Log In or Create an account in Meson Network dashboard

  • Download node on your computer; 

  • Add the Sepolia testnet network to your wallet; 

  • Get some testnet Ethereum; 

  • Mine testnet points;

  • Add $MSN test token address 0xde939833Ed21FE3833d3d9E545dC7Faa9F161D06 in your wallet; 

  • Visit the claim page

  • Click on “Claim” to convert points into $MSN testnet tokens, confirm transaction;

  • Click on the “Get the tokens” 

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