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Orbiter Finance
Airdrop (Retrodrop)

Active 30 Dec - 01 Sep

Orbiter Finance is a cross-rollup bridge that empowers users to transfer assets and data across 19 different networks almost 6 times faster and cheaper compared to other cross-chain bridges. It is powered by complex and innovative Zero-Knowledge technology, which enhances cross-rollup transactions, making them more trustless and secure.

Orbiter Finance hasn’t publicly announced its plans regarding the token release and airdrop in the near future. However, the ongoing O-points farming campaign on the Orbiter bridge page and the rumors among the crypto community suggest that a token release and airdrop may not be far off.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 20 Feb 2024

Orbiter Finance - Airdrop (Retrodrop) Overview

start date: 30 Dec
end date: 01 Sep
Reward Distribution: 01 Oct
Reward: N/A
Winners: N/A
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How to join  Orbiter Finance - Airdrop (Retrodrop) ?

Although Orbiter Finance hasn’t made any announcements regarding its token release and airdrop yet, there’s a significant lead and quite loud rumors about the potential Orbiter bridge airdrop.

Analyzing this information, the CoinLaunch team prepared for you a few of the most efficient steps to increase your chances of qualifying for Orbiter Finance Airdrop:

  • Follow Orbiter.Finance on social media:

Join Orbiter's Twitter and Discord channels to keep an eye on the most important updates and adjust your airdrop farming strategy accordingly.

Visit the Orbiter Finance bridge, connect your wallet, and complete tasks provided by Orbiter Finance to earn O-points. This involves bridging any amount of tokens to different chain networks supported by the bridge. 

Currently, there are quests available on the Zora, Scroll, Linea, Base, Mode, and Starknet chain networks, where you can receive up to 316 points for bridging tokens to and from those chain networks once. The points for bridging tokens are calculated as follows:

  1. For one transaction to and from those networks, you receive 5 points;
  2. For every two additional transactions, you can earn 12 points;
  3. Bridging ETH to and from those networks three more times earns you 20 points.

Please note that points from quests are issued only once, but you can still earn points for bridging tokens.

  • Proceed transaction on Orbiter Finance:

Bridge your tokens from various chain networks to another using the Orbiter bridge, as consistently as possible. However, always ensure you are aware of the fee costs, especially when bridging from the Ethereum layer 1 chain network.

Additionally, Orbiter Finance recently added the new Mode chain network, where users can enjoy zero fees for bridging tokens to the Mode network. Try to capitalize on such events and accumulate as much trading (bridging) volume as possible during them. 

  • Participate in Zealy tasks:

Log in or Sign up, follow Orbiter Finance on Zealy and complete various tasks including social tasks, minting NFTs and more. 

  • Join Galxe exclusive quest campaign:

Create a new account or log in to Galxe, then visit the Orbiter Finance x Holdstation campaign page. Complete a few simple social tasks, such as following projects on social media, to mint exclusive NFTs.


Stay tuned! 

Step-by-step Guide

  • Follow Orbiter Finance on Twitter and Discord

  • Complete tasks on Orbiter bridge

  • Bridge tokens to different networks using the Orbiter bridge

  • Participate in quest on Zealy;

  • Join the exclusive Orbiter Finance x Holdstation quests campaign on Galxe.

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