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Orbiter Finance (N/A)

Active Retrodrop 🔥
Total Raise: N/A
Date: 30 Dec 2021 - 01 Sep 2024

Orbiter Finance is a ZK technology-based cross-rollup bridge designed to connect different Ethereum L2 rollup chains. It allows users to facilitate easier, faster, and more cost-effective transfer of data and digital assets from one L2 to another compared to other cross-chain bridges. Recently, the Orbiter bridge team announced its plans to expand from a cross-rollup bridge to a complete L2 network, preparing to shift towards an 'omni-connection' future.

The bridge currently supports Zero-knowledge and Optimistic rollup chains, such as Optimism, Linea, Base, Scroll, Starknet, and many others, as well as side-chain networks, including Arbitrum and Polygon.

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Orbiter Finance Overview

Ticker: N/A
Country: Singapore
Industry: Blockchain Service
Founded: 2021
Whitelist: No
Blockchain Network: Ethereum
Bounty: Yes
MVP: Yes
Type: Equity
Security Audit: No

Orbiter Finance Review

With the growth of fee costs and the ongoing slow execution of smart contracts on Ethereum, it became clear that Layer 2 solutions are able to address the problems of high gas fees and scalability on Ethereum comprising the same level of security. However, even with the new possibilities L2 solutions provide, it is still expensive and uncomfortable to transfer assets and data trustlessly between those networks using traditional cross-chain bridges. 

It aims to solve this problem, offering cheaper and faster cross-rollup transfers of assets compared to usual cross-chain bridges. On the mainnet, the bridge currently supports over 10 different L2 chain networks, including Arbitrum, Polygon, zkSync, Starknet, Base, Scroll, Linea, and others. With Orbiter crypto bridge users can save up to 6 times quicker and cheaper transactions, all underpinned by Zero-Knowledge proof technology. 

As of 2024, it has managed to secure support from a significant number of funds and investors, including OKX Ventures, Mirana Ventures, Tiger Global Management, and more, hosting a total of three private funding rounds. However, the amount of funds raised during these rounds remains publicly undisclosed.

The information about the release of the Orbiter token and retrodrop for testnet participants is currently unknown. Nonetheless, there are rumors circulating within the bridge Orbiter community about a potential token airdrop in the near future. 

Analyzing the information available in the public domain about the project, the CoinLaunch team found a few key pros and cons you need to consider before participating in the Orbiter.Finance airdrop or potential token sales.

Orbiter Finance Pros:

  • Great concept of the project.
  • High performance of the bridge, allowing users to transfer assets up to 6 times faster and cheaper compared to other cross-chain bridges.
  • Strong community presence on Twitter and Discord.
  • Over 700,000 active users, according to the OKX announcements.


Orbiter Finance Cons:

  • Lack of information regarding the token in documents, yellow paper, public announcements, etc.
  • Low number of top-tier funds invested in the project and lack of information regarding the amount of funds raised.
  • Absence of security audits since the creation of the bridge.
  • Weak performance of influencer & SEO marketing.
  • Almost no public information on the project’s team and its experience.

Orbiter Finance Token Economy

Total Raise:
Total Supply:
Private/Pre-sale: (0%)
Public Sale: (0%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV):
Initial Circulation Supply: (0% of FDV)

Orbiter Finance Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

Seed: Nov 2022 Past

Price: N/A
Tokens for sale: N/A
Raise: N/A
Lock-Up: N/A
Private: Dec 2023 Past

Price: N/A
Tokens for sale: N/A
Raise: N/A
Lock-Up: N/A
Strategic: Jan 2024 Past

Price: N/A
Tokens for sale: N/A
Raise: N/A
Lock-Up: N/A
Retrodrop is active now! 🔥🔥🔥 Read More

Orbiter Finance Funds and Backers

OKX Ventures logo
OKX Ventures
12 numbers of
Read More
Amber Group Logo
Amber Group
Score: Medium
9 numbers of
Read More
tiger global management
Tiger Global Management
Score: Medium
8 numbers of
Read More
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Orbiter Finance Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  15 Feb 2024 Upgrade

Orbiter Finance News

Orbiter Finance Airdrop & Retrodrop & Bounty

Airdrop (Retrodrop)
Orbiter Finance logo
Start Date:
30 Dec 2021
End Date:
01 Sep 2024


Orbiter Finance is a cross-rollup bridge that empowers users to transfer assets and data across 19 different networks almost 6 times faster and cheaper compared to other cross-chain bridges. It is powered by complex and innovative Zero-Knowledge technology, which enhances cross-rollup transactions, making them more trustless and secure.

Orbiter Finance hasn’t publicly announced its plans regarding the token release and airdrop in the near future. However, the ongoing O-points farming campaign on the Orbiter bridge page and the rumors among the crypto community suggest that a token release and airdrop may not be far off.

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