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Active 01 Feb - 30 May

The Partisia Blockchain team unveiled the highly anticipated AirDrop program, marking a significant milestone in ecosystem adoption. With the imminent governance vote for MPC token transferability, this initiative underscores the vision of Partisia Blockchain. Boasting a substantial pool size of 25 million $MPC tokens (~$10 million), this program presents an unparalleled opportunity for early adopters to join the Partisia Blockchain journey. 

‼️For the first (current) AirDrop tranche, consistent engagement and contributions within the ecosystem are valued. The Partisia Blockchain team has officially detailed the criteria for retrodrop eligibility. Bridging liquidity and interacting with the blockchain will enhance the likelihood of receiving $MPC tokens. Detailed participation instructions are available below.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Very High 08 Feb 2024

Partisia Blockchain - Airdrop Overview

start date: 01 Feb
end date: 30 May
Reward Distribution: TBA
Reward: N/A
Winners: N/A
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How to join  Partisia Blockchain - Airdrop ?

To join the Partisia Blockchain Airdrop campaign, you should precisely make the following steps: 

1) Bridge to Partisia Blockchain:

  • Visit the Bridge platform and log in. (Instructions: How to install MPC Wallet).
  • Utilize the Bridge feature to transfer your tokens: select "interact" and then "Deposit". For stablecoins, initial approval is required before depositing. (Instructions: How to bridge using MetaMask Snap). Mind that the minimum bridgeable amount is $2.5, but considering the announcement details and airdrop criteria, the higher amount is bridged, the better it is for qualification. 

2) Transact/Hold:

3) Join the Partisia Blockchain community:

  • Become a part of the Discord community and interact with others in the AirDrop Program channel.
  • Follow the project’s social media channels for updates and announcements.

4) Repeat 😜

Good luck!  

Step-by-step Guide

  • Bridge funds to your Partisia Blockchain wallet via BYOC bridge

  • Spent gas on any blockchain transactions

  • Hold liquidity (stake) in the network 

  • Engage with the ecosystem dApps 

  • Join the Partisia Blockchain community and be active

  • Repeat 😜

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