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Partisia Blockchain (MPC)

Total Raise: $54,890,000
Date: 30 Nov - 20 May

Partisia Blockchain is a Layer 0 + 1 + 2 protocol which is the world's first regulatory friendly privacy enabling blockchain. Partisia Blockchain has a general Turing complete built-in privacy-preserving computation layer. The layer includes different zero-knowledge software solutions, specifically Multi-party Computation (MPC) as well as Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE).

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Partisia Blockchain Overview

Ticker: MPC
Country: Switzerland
Founded: Oct 07, 2020
Whitelist: n/a
Blockchain Network: Partisia Blockchain
KYC: Yes
Bounty: Yes
MVP: Yes
Type: IDO
Security Audit: n/a

Partisia Blockchain Review

Partisia Blockchain presents a comprehensive solution for orchestrating and providing Zero-Knowledge (ZK) computations both on-chain, off-chain, and across multiple blockchains (inter-chain).

The Partisia’s token sale pros: 

  • Has top tier crypto funds as investors: wide connection network; 
  • Low Initial Circulation Supply of $10,000,000 (2.5% of $MPC);
  • High activity in top tier blockchain media 
  • Good coverage in Social Media: considerable virality;  
  • Decent coverage by Crypto influencers. 

The Partisia’s token sale cons: 

  • Lack of Public Security Audits; 
  • According to the project tokenomics, ~60% of $MPC tokens are allocated to the token sale, which is three times more than usually allocated by TOP projects;
  • Vague vesting schedule;
  • Unclear strategy for taking $MPC tokens out from the circulation to reduce the selling pressure. 

Partisia Blockchain enhances digital infrastructure security by integrating blockchains and ZK computations, notably MPC along with FHE and ZK proofs, in a collaborative manner. Prioritizing privacy and interoperability, the Partisia Blockchain initiative focuses on the following key objectives initially:

  • Streamlining ZK computations for transparency, efficiency, and simplicity.
  • Providing blockchain-agnostic ZK computations.
  • Delivering privacy-preserving and auditable payments irrespective of the cryptocurrency used.

While the initial iteration of the Partisia Blockchain was developed, tested, and utilized commercially by Partisia, a privately-owned Danish entity, the publicly accessible version of the network has been transferred and made open-source under the governance of the Partisia Blockchain Foundation. This independent non-profit Swiss foundation was established solely to oversee and advance the public blockchain, known as the Partisia Blockchain.

Built upon an open token economy, the Partisia Blockchain enables users to engage in Bring Your Own Coin (BYOC) transactions. From both a user experience and economic standpoint, the Partisia Blockchain functions as a fully open ecosystem, allowing users to utilize any liquid coin or token to pay for network usage. Internally, the blockchain operates using system tokens that represent the various supported coins.

Partisia Blockchain Token Economy

Total Raise: $54,890,000
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Private/Pre-sale: 349,000,000 (34.9%)
Public Sale: 1,388,889 (0.14%)
Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): $400,000,000
Initial Circulation Supply: $10,000,000 (2.5% of FDV)

Partisia Blockchain Token Sale (ICO & IDO) Rounds

Seed: 01 Nov - 30 Nov

Price: $0.05
Tokens for sale: 62,000,000
Raise: $3,100,000
Lock-Up: 6 months cliff, 4 year quarterly vesting
Private: 01 Jan - 31 Jan

Price: $0.075
Tokens for sale: 25,333,333
Raise: $1,900,000
Lock-Up: 4 year quarterly vesting
Private: 01 Feb - 28 Feb

Price: $0.1
Tokens for sale: 88,000,000
Raise: $8,800,000
Lock-Up: 4 year quarterly vesting
Private: 01 Mar - 30 Mar

Price: $0.125
Tokens for sale: 38,400,000
Raise: $4,800,000
Lock-Up: 4 year quarterly vesting
Private: 01 Apr - 30 Apr

Price: $0.15
Tokens for sale: 30,037,667
Raise: $4,510,000
Lock-Up: 180 day cliff, 4 year quarterly vesting
Private: 01 May - 31 May

Price: $0.175
Tokens for sale: 34,857,143
Raise: $6,100,000
Lock-Up: 180 day cliff, 4 year quarterly vesting
Private: 01 Aug - 31 Aug

Price: $0.2
Tokens for sale: 44,500,000
Raise: $8,900,000
Lock-Up: 180 day cliff, 4 year quarterly vesting
IDO: 19 May - 20 May

Price: $0.36
Tokens for sale: 1,388,889
Raise: $500,000
Lock-Up: 180 day cliff, followed by linear daily unlocks over the ...
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Partisia Blockchain Token Release Schedule

Schedule of MPC tokens unlocking

Partisia Blockchain Marketing Activity

Search Engine Optimization
Social Media & Community Management
PR & Traffic
Marketing Infrastructure
Influencer Marketing
Growth Marketing
Last Update:  07 Feb 2024 Upgrade

Partisia Blockchain Team

Kurt Nielsen
Kurt Nielsen
Co-Founder and President of the Foundation Council
Peter F. Frandsen
Peter F. Frandsen
Co-Founder, CTO and Member of the Foundation Council
Brian Gallagher
Co-Founder, Member of the Foundation Council
Shirly Valge
Shirly Valge
Chief of Growth
Bakyt Azimkanov
Head of Communications
Hinrich Pfeifer
Hinrich Pfeifer
Tiago Serôdio
Tiago Serôdio
Chief Community Engagement Officer

Partisia Blockchain News

Partisia Blockchain Roadmap

Phase 2 - December 2021 (Beta Mainnet - soft launch)
  • Fast track consensus, finality and proof of verification, 
  • Genesis block and boot procedure, 
  • Sharding vers 1.0, 
  • Whitelisting nodes. 
  • Trust based on liveness,
  • Staking vers 1.0, 
  • Revenue sharing, 
  • Account, API integration, Deployment, 
  • Wallet vers 1.0, 
  • Block Explorer vers 1.0 
  • Rust public smart contract vers 1.0, 
  • Smart contract deployment, 
  • REAL arithmetic vers 1.0 (without smart contract support), 
  • REAL boolean vers 1.0 (without smart contract support), 
  • On demand preprocessing vers 1.0 / BYOC and node payment, BYOC ETH, 
  • Token bridge vers 1.0 (separate testnet), 
  • EOS-ETH token bridge vers 1.0 (separate testnet) 
  • Token Sale 
Phase 3 - June 2022 (Beta Mainnet)
  • Basic blockchain vers 3.0, 
  • Sharding with robust cross shard event propagation, 
  • Activity based revenue sharing of basic blockchain service vers 1.0, 
  • ZK node signup and allocation, 
  • Wallet vers 2.0, 
  • Block explorer vers 2.0, 
  • Unified public and private smart contract vers 1.0, 
  • REAL (binary) MPC available, 
  • Dynamic REAL preprocessing, 
  • Confidential node address lookup and authenticated channel, 
  • Signed ZK output designed for cross-chain ZK computation, 
  • BYOC for USDC on Polygon, 
  • Price oracle for ERC-20 vers 1.0, 
  • Price oracle for ETH vers 1.0, 
  • Price oracle for MPC tokens vers 1.0, 
  • Second price auction as second layer on Ethereum (PoC), 
  • Apply price oracle for MPC tokens
Phase 4 - June 2023 (Gamma Mainnet)
  • Complete sharding and synchronization, 
  • Jurisdiction management vers 1.0, Trust scoring vers 1.0, 
  • New block browser, 
  • Staking as insurance, 
  • Simplified node deployment, 
  • Wallet vers 3.0, 
  • Block explorer vers 3.0, 
  • Community staking vers 1.0, 
  • Fast execution of ZK computations in batches, 
  • Unified public and private smart contract vers 2.0, 
  • Smart contract language guides and tooling, 
  • Advance REAL (binary) MPC available, 
  • Full support for input and output onchain and offchain,
  • BYOC EVM framework 1.0, 
  • Price oracles for all integrated external tokens, 
  • Token bridge from BYOC chains to ERC20, 
  • Large Oracle paper vers 2.0, 
  • ZK-as-a-Service as second layer vers 1.0, 
  • Cross-shard and -chain AMM solution vers 1.0
Phase 5 - June 2024 (Delta Mainnet)
  • Consolidating sharing, 
  • Scoring system for ZK nodes, 
  • Trust scoring vers 2.0, 
  • More robust block producer selection, 
  • Market for trust vers 1.0, 
  • Wallet vers 4.0, 
  • Block explorer vers 4.0, 
  • Upgradeable smart contracts, 
  • Contract state access without complete state deserialization, 
  • Gas estimation tool v1.0, 
  • Rust vers 3.0 with optimized ZK circuits, 
  • MPC controlled keys, 
  • Anti-frontrunning for Automated Market Maker solution using ZK computation, 
  • Mature ZK language ecosystem, 
  • New DeFi model and paper, 
  • BYOC EVM framework vers 2.0, 
  • Dynamic oracle rotation, 
  • ZK-as-a-Service EVM framwork, 
  • Cross-shard and -chain AMM solution vers 2.0
Phase 6 - June 2025 (Epsilon Mainnet)
  • Active containerization of nodes, shards and off-chain components, 
  • ZK node market of trust, 
  • Market for trust vers 2.0, 
  • Wallet vers 5.0, 
  • Block explorer vers 5.0, 
  • Trust scoring vers 1.5, 
  • Revenue sharing of basic blockchain service vers 2.0, 
  • Smart contract language vers 4.0 with optimized ZK circuits, 
  • Unified ZK language for public and ZK computations, 
  • Optimized MPC execution and multiple MPC protocols, 
  • Full support for alien MPC protocols and bulk ordering preprocessed material, 
  • Network format for translations v1.0, REAL (arithmetic) MPC available, 
  • Identifiable abort in preprocessing with dispute resolution, 
  • BYOC framework vers 3.0, 
  • Token bridge framework vers 2.0, 
  • New Large Oracle protocol, 
  • Staking for others can be stopped at a time

Partisia Blockchain Airdrop & Retrodrop & Bounty

Partisia Blockchain Logo
Start Date:
01 Feb 2024
End Date:
30 May 2024


The Partisia Blockchain team unveiled the highly anticipated AirDrop program, marking a significant milestone in ecosystem adoption. With the imminent governance vote for MPC token transferability, this initiative underscores the vision of Partisia Blockchain. Boasting a substantial pool size of 25 million $MPC tokens (~$10 million), this program presents an unparalleled opportunity for early adopters to join the Partisia Blockchain journey. 

‼️For the first (current) AirDrop tranche, consistent engagement and contributions within the ecosystem are valued. The Partisia Blockchain team has officially detailed the criteria for retrodrop eligibility. Bridging liquidity and interacting with the blockchain will enhance the likelihood of receiving $MPC tokens. Detailed participation instructions are available below.

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