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Potential Retrodrop

Past 01 Jul - 01 Mar

Patex is a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem designed to revolutionize the blockchain industry in Latin America. It comprises a decentralized Ethereum L2 network, a centralized exchange, and an educational platform, serving as a bridge between regulators and users.

Patex has successfully raised over $10.4M from a prominent Brazilian fund and leading IDO launchpad.

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Medium 15 Jan 2024

Patex - Potential Retrodrop Overview

start date: 01 Jul
end date: 01 Mar
Reward Distribution: 31 Mar
Reward: N/A
Winners: N/A
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How to join  Patex - Potential Retrodrop ?

Although Patex hasn't announced the airdrop and its requirements yet, there are a few activities that can increase the chance of qualifying:

  • Download Patex Wallet or add Patex Network to your Metamask;
  • Complete Zealy quests: 

Create an account, follow Patex and complete tasks on Zealy. Those tasks include creating social media content, videos, or writing articles on Patex. Rewards haven't been officially announced yet, but they will likely be in PATEX tokens.;

  • Utilize the native ETH converter on Patex:

Patex allows you to bridge their ETH from Ethereum L1 to the Patex L2 network. Although it could be an effective way to qualify for the airdrop, it is important to note that bridging back from Patex to the Ethereum network via the native bridge is currently impossible. You can also utilize a testnet Sepolia - Patex bridge;

  • Complete KYC on C-Patex:

Bridging back from Patex to Ethereum can be done by transferring ETH to C-Patex and then withdrawing tokens to any network supported by C-Patex. Completing KYC and withdrawing from C-Patex to the user's wallet could also play a vital role during airdrop distribution;

  • Earn $PATEX with Proof of Value mechanism:

Visit the Patex Proof of Value page and connect your wallet to earn $PATEX, while increasing your chances of receiving the airdrop through the Proof of Value consensus mechanism. Additionally, you can invite friends for Proof of Value and receive 20% of every reward users receive from validating transactions;

Bridge tokens from Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain to Patex and back via the Chain Gate bridge if you don't want to complete KYC or pay high-cost gas fees. Keep in mind that using extraneous bridges may be a less effective action for receiving the Patex airdrop.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Download Patex Wallet or add the Patex network to Metamask; 

  • Participate in Zealy quests; 

  • Bridge ETH to Patex with the native ETH converter; 

  • Complete KYC on C-Patex;

  • Use C-Patex to bridge tokens back to Ethereum;

  • You can also use Chain Gate Bridge to withdraw tokens from Patex network;

  • Participate in Proof of Value transaction validation and earn $PATEX;

  • Invite people to earn even more $PATEX from the Proof of Value consensus mechanism.

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