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Scroll Network

Active 17 Oct - 01 Aug

Scroll is a zkEVM Ethereum L2 network focused on providing users with high-speed and low-cost transactions without compromising the level of security that the Ethereum network possesses. Additionally, by using a less complex coding language, it allows Ethereum developers to integrate the Scroll network into their dApps in a simpler way than other zkEVM networks.

Although there is currently no publicly available information regarding the release of the Scroll token or an airdrop in the near future, there are rumors among the crypto community that it may occur this summer or early autumn (2024).

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Very High 23 Mar 2024

Scroll Network - Retrodrop  Overview

start date: 17 Oct
end date: 01 Aug
Reward Distribution: 01 Sep
Reward: $550
Winners: 450,000
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How to join  Scroll Network - Retrodrop ?

While the company hasn’t announced any specific information regarding the token release and airdrop plans for the near future, it’s quite likely that such a significant L2 network will launch its token to power its security and governance layer.

However, CoinLaunch cannot confirm or deny the release of the Scroll token and airdrop. Instead, we have gathered all publicly available information, analyzed airdrops from other big projects like StarknetCelestiaWormhole, Arbitrum and others,  and prepared the most effective steps to participate in the Scroll crypto airdrop for you, in case it occurs:

  • Follow Scroll on social media:

Join the Scroll community's Discord and follow the project on Twitter to stay up to date and participate in exclusive events and quest campaigns.

  • Use the native Scroll Bridge:

To bridge funds into the Scroll network via the native bridge, first acquire some ETH to cover fees on the Ethereum network and the amount you want to transfer to Scroll. Then, visit the Scroll network bridge, connect your wallet, and confirm the transfer to the Scroll mainnet.

  • Utilize other bridges:

While the Scroll bridge requires transferring funds from Ethereum to the Scroll mainnet only, other cross-chain bridges allow you to transfer funds to Scroll from any chain network available on the bridge. This saves a significant amount on fees, as utilizing the Ethereum network can be expensive and slow. Additionally, using these bridges may make you eligible for their airdrops.

One of the most popular options is Orbiter Finance, which is currently running a farming points campaign, which potentially may lead to the Orbiter Finance airdrop. 

  • Get a .scroll domain:

Purchase domain names on Scroll's Name Service page by connecting your wallet and choosing a name for your wallet address. While not mandatory to become eligible for the Scroll network airdrop, it may increase your retrodrop qualification chance and allocation size.

  • Use dApps on the Scroll Network:

Engage with the Scroll ecosystem's dApps, including DEXs, perpetual exchanges, liquidity protocols, bridges, and web3 games. Some of these dApps have not released their own tokens yet, potentially making you eligible for airdrops from them.

Some of the biggest dApps built on Scroll include:

  • SyncSwap: A decentralized exchange on ETH ZK Rollup networks. SyncSwap has confirmed its plans to release a token, but as of yet, there has been no token release or airdrop, meaning you can still participate in the SyncSwap airdrop.
  • Ambient Finance: A decentralized application allowing users to swap tokens via market and limit orders, add assets to liquidity pools, and trade digital assets. Although the platform has not confirmed or denied the possibility of a token release, it remains possible that a token may be launched and airdropped in the future; 
  • Zebra: A DEX built on the Scroll Network enabling users to swap tokens and provide liquidity to LPs to earn rewards. Zebra DEX is a relatively new exchange without its own token, giving you the opportunity to participate in the potential Zebra airdrop.

More projects built on Scroll Network you can explore with DeFiLlama or ecosystem page

Good luck! 

Step-by-step Guide

  • Follow Scroll on Twitter and join its Discord server;

  • Use native Scroll bridge;

  • For lower fees cost, utilize other cross-chain bridges;

  • Acquire a .scroll domain; 

  • Engage with dApps on Scroll.

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