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Active 01 Apr - 01 Apr

Wormhole is a cross-chain communication protocol that facilitates the transfer of data and tokenized assets between different chain networks. Using its token bridge users can leverage advantages of multiple chain networks. 

While the official tokens, tokemics, and airdrop haven't been released yet, there have already been rumors from top-tier media and the crypto community that the $HOLE token is under development and may potentially be airdropped.

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High 11 Jan 2024

Wormhole - Retrodrop Overview

start date: 01 Apr
end date: 01 Apr
Reward Distribution: 31 Jul
Reward: N/A
Winners: N/A
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How to join  Wormhole - Retrodrop ?

Wormhole hasn’t officially announced airdrop, its conditions, sizes and token release details, but there are a lot of rumors on that matter on the market. Based on this information, our team has outlined a steps to make to get eligible for the retrospective airdrop, as well as maximize returns from the potential Wormhole airdrop: 

  • Follow Wormhole on Zealy and complete tasks:
  1. Log in or sign up on Zealy and ensure your wallet and social media accounts are verified;
  2. Complete basic tasks such as following Wormhole on social media and visiting their blog to receive starting points;
  3. Complete "Test Your Wormhole Knowledge" tests to receive even more points.
  4. Participate in daily quests; 
  5. Invite friends and receive additional points.
  • Unitilize Wormhole bridge (Portal Bridge): 
  1. Go to the Portal Bridge website and connect your wallet. 
  2. Select the token, the wallet and network you want to bridge to, enter the amount of tokens you want to send and click on “Approve and proceed transaction”. 
  3. Do not close the tab until the transaction is completed, otherwise, it could be failed and to resolve it you will need to perform the recovery workflow. Additionally, to complete a transaction, you will need enough tokens on both starting and destination chain networks to complete the transaction.
  4. Repeat this sequence as many times as possible to get more chances to receive potential Wormhole airdrop (retrodrop).   

Also remember, while utilizing various networks could increase your chances to receive airdrop, do not forget about fees costs. For example, to complete BNB - Polygon bridging, fees will be around 1-2$, but if you want to send the same amount of money from Ethereum to the BNB chain, it may be a lot more expensive. 

Step-by-step Guide

  • Join Wormhole on Zealy, verify your social media accounts and wallet;

  • Complete tasks on Zealy; 

  • Utilize Portal Bridge.

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