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Past 15 Dec - 11 Jan

ZetaChain is the first public Layer 1 network that allows omnichain, generic smart contracts, and messaging between any blockchain network. It is powered by its native ZETA token, which plays a vital role in the security of the network and the Delegated Proof of Stake mechanism. With the $ZETA token, users can also pay gas fees within not just ZetaChain but external chain networks as well. 

Recently, ZetaChain announced an airdrop of $ZETA for testnet participants, analyzing over 1.3M wallet addresses potentially eligible for retrodrop. However, the exact amount of tokens allocated for retrodrop, as well as rewards for eligible participants, remains unannounced.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Very High 01 Feb 2024

ZetaChain - Retrodrop Overview

start date: 15 Dec
end date: 11 Jan
Reward Distribution: 22 Jan
Reward: $500
Winners: 21,000
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How to join  ZetaChain - Retrodrop ?

Recently, ZetaChain announced an airdrop of $ZETA tokens for early adopters and testnet participants. During the testnet, which began with the introduction to ZetaChain on December 15, 2021, and continued until the mainnet release on January 11, 2024, users should have been collecting ZETA points and NFTs for various activities within the testnet.

Analyzing the ZetaChain testnet, the CoinLaunch team has prepared a few of the most effective and important steps to become eligible for the ZetaChain airdrop:

  • Add Goerli and Mumbai testnet networks to your wallet via Chainlist;
  • Get some test tokens: 

Go to the Goerli faucet, enter your wallet address, and receive some ETH. Afterward, visit the Polygon Mumbai faucet and obtain some MATIC.

  • Verify your twitter: 

Verify your twitter on the  Zeta Chain faucet page and receive some ZETA testnet tokens; 

  • Swap your test $ZETA tokens: 

Proceed with at least one transaction a week using test tokens to receive 7000 Zeta Points on the ZetaChain swap page. You can also perform more transactions and accumulate transaction volume; however, the Zeta Points are available every 7 days only.

  • Track your progress on the ZetaChain leaderboard;
  • Complete quests from ZetaChain on Galxe:

Log in or sign up on Galxe, follow Zeta Chain, and complete various tasks, including social tasks, quizzes, on-chain activities, and more. You can find all ZetaChain quiz answers here.

  • Join events and claim Discord roles on ZetaChain Guild:

Log in or create an account on Guild, follow ZetaChain, claim roles for holding unique NFTs from ZetaChain Galaxy, and participate in various events. 

  • Participate in quests on Zealy

Create an account or log in to Zealy, follow ZetaChain, and complete their quest company. During the campaign, you will need to engage with the ZetaChain community on Discord, complete social tasks, proceed with transactions on the ZetaChain testnet, and more.

  • Invite friends to ZetaChain testnet;
  • Provide feedback on the network's performance.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Add Goerli and Mumbai testnet networks with Chainlist;

  • Get some test ETH and MATIC tokens;

  • Visit ZetaChain faucet and verify your twitter there;

  • Claim testnet $ZETA tokens;

  • Swap at least once a 7 days on ZetaChain swap page to earn 7000 Zeta Points;

  • Complete quests on Galxe:

  • Join events and claim roles on Guild

  • Participate in quests on Zealy

  • Track your progress on the leaderboard;

  • Invite friends to Zeta Chain testnet and earn even more Zeta Points; 

  • Discover and report bugs within ZetaChain testnet.

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