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Airdrop (Retrodrop)

Past 26 Jul - 16 Nov

zkLink is a Layer 3 blockchain network and ecosystem powered by Zero-knowledge roll-ups. It is designed to enhance users' experience when utilizing different chain networks by removing liquidity silos across L1 and L2 networks.

Recently, zkLink released its native token - ZKL, providing an additional layer of security within the network. With $ZKL, users can enjoy discounted fees within the network, participate in DAO votings, and mint exclusive NFTs. 

Although there are no official announcements regarding zkLink's plans to airdrop $ZKL, there are implicit signs from the zkLink public sale page on CoinList  that suggest a retrodrop is more likely to happen soon.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Very High 25 Jan 2024

zkLink - Airdrop (Retrodrop) Overview

start date: 26 Jul
end date: 16 Nov
Reward Distribution: 31 Mar
Reward: N/A
Winners: N/A
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How to join  zkLink - Airdrop (Retrodrop) ?

Although zkLink has already announced the release of its token, $ZKL, there is still no news about the zkLink airdrop or the requirements to become eligible for it. However, according to its official tokenomics, zkLink has allocated some funds for “Community rewards” - 10%, indirectly indicating a high probability of a potential retrodrop in the near future for its network and ecosystem testnet participants.

Based on this information, the CoinLaunch team has prepared a detailed guide with the most effective steps to become eligible for the zkLink airdrop:

Follow zkLink on Twitter and Discord to stay up to date with new events and updates within the zkLink network and ecosystem; 

  • Complete tasks on Zealy: 

Log in or sign up to Zealy, verify your wallet, and participate in zkLink quests. This includes social tasks, engagement with the community, and even passing quizzes about the zkLink network.

  • Invite friends:

Invite friends to join zkLink Zealy and participate in tasks;

  • Perform transactions on zkLink Nexus 

Visit the zkLink Playground mainnet, connect your wallet, and bridge any asset onto the zkLink network. Similarly, you can also withdraw your tokens from zkLink. Explore the utilization of various chain networks available on the zkLink nexus, including Linea, Scroll, Polygon, Ethereum, and zkSync mainnets.

  • Engage with zkLink ecosystem’s projects: 

There are currently three different dapps within the zkLink ecosystem. However, two of them, Openworld and zkJump testnet, are temporarily out of service. Only ZKEX is currently available on both the testnet and even Alpha mainnet 2.0. There are some activities you can do in order to increase your chances receive both zkLink and ZKEX airdrop: 

  1. Follow ZKEX on media: Similar to zkLink, follow ZKEX on social media to stay tuned for new updates and adjust your actions according to news from ZKEX;
  2. Participate in quests: Create an account or log in to Zealy, verify your wallet, and go to the ZKEX Zealy page. Then, complete social tasks, retweet posts, engage with the community on Discord, and receive new roles to claim points;
  3. Utilize the zkLink testnet: Visit the ZKEX testnet page, choose the testnet network you want to use, connect your wallet, and verify your ownership. Afterward, click on the button “Get the test tokens” and choose any test tokens you wish. Perform a couple of transactions early and consistently to increase your chances of receiving an airdrop;
  4. Use ZKEX mainnet: Go to the ZKEX mainnet page, connect and verify your wallet, and complete a few transactions as consistently as possible. However, we recommend determining the number of transactions you are ready to perform based on the associated fee costs.

Good luck! 

Step-by-step Guide

  • Follow zkLink on social media; 

  • Complete tasks from zkLink on Zealy; 

  • Invite your friends to participate in zkLink quests;

  • Utilize zkLink Nexus mainnet;

  • Follow ZKEX on social media; 

  • Participate in quests from ZKEX on Zealy;

  • Trade on ZKEX mainnet;

  • Participate in the ZKEX testnet.

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