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Past 18 May - 18 May CoinList

CyberConnect, a decentralized Web3 social network, empowers users by offering control over their digital lives and fostering innovation. The ICO Round for CyberConnect is scheduled for May 18, 2023, on the Coinlist platform, presenting an opportunity to invest in a groundbreaking project disrupting the social media landscape

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Very High 19 May 2023

CyberConnect - ICO Round on Coinlist Overview

start date: 18 May
end date: 18 May
price: $1.8
tokens for sale: 3,000,000
Raise: $5,400,000
Min. Buy: $100
Max. Buy: $2,000

25% unlock at TGE followed by a 6-month linear release starting in Q4 2023

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How to join  CyberConnect - ICO Round on Coinlist?

CyberConnect is an innovative decentralized Web3 social network designed to empower users and promote innovation by challenging the centralized social media ecosystem. By participating in the project, you can contribute to this transformation and regain control of your digital life.


To get involved with CyberConnect, you will need to register on a platform hosting the ICO, such as CoinList, and complete the KYC process. Once registered, sign up for the token sale within the specified timeframe, and be online during the sale. After successfully joining the queue, choose your desired purchase amount and deposit the required funds.


Always research the project comprehensively and consider the potential risks associated with ICO investments before making any decisions.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Register on the CoinList platform if you don't have an account.

  • Complete the KYC process by providing personal information.

  • Sign up for the Token Sale using the provided link before May 15th.

  • At the start of the token sale, you must be online on the platform in the queue (a link will be sent to your email).

  • If you pass the queue - select the desired purchase amount and deposit funds

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