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ICO Round on CoinList

Past 28 Mar - 04 Apr CoinList

Mystiko is a leading Zero-Knowledge infrastructure provider that enables developers to build faster, cheaper, and more secure decentralized applications using its ZK Software Development Kit (SDK).

At the heart of the platform’s functionality and decentralization lies its native $XZK token. It is used for participating in DAO votings and operating a ZK-Rollup within the Mystiko network.

Recently, the platform announced a public token release, followed by a public sale on CoinList, with over 7.5% of the total supply allocated for sale.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Very High 01 Apr 2024

Mystiko - ICO Round on CoinList Overview

start date: 28 Mar
end date: 04 Apr
price: $0.15
tokens for sale: 75,000,000
Raise: $11,250,000
Min. Buy: $50
Max. Buy: $3,000

25% unlocks after a 75 day period, remaining 75% vesting over 12 months.

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More about Mystiko

How to join  Mystiko - ICO Round on CoinList?

To join the Mystiko ICO on CoinList, users must have a registered and KYC verified account on CoinList. If so, they need to acquire at least 50 USDT or USDC on their CoinList balance, proceed to the Mystiko ICO page and tap on the “Participate Now” button. Afterwards, they will be prompted to enter the amount they want to contribute for the sale and confirm the purchase by locking the USDT or USDC tokens.

On the day of the sale, CoinList will randomly determine winners and allocate them $XZK tokens equal to the USD amount worth of USDT or USDC they contributed. The ICO registration for the ICO opened on March 28th, 2024, at 17:00 UTC and will close on April 4th, 2024, at 17:00 UTC.

It is also important to note that users with higher karma won’t be placed in a higher priority queue anymore. Instead, CoinList will grant those participants higher chances of winning a random allocation allotment.

Read more info about the Mystiko token sale in CoinList’s FAQ.

Step-by-step Guide

  • Log in or Sign up on CoinList and complete KYC verification;

  • Deposit a minimum amount of 50 USDT or USDC on your CoinList account;

  • Visit the Mystiko ICO page;

  • Tap on the “Participate Now” button;

  • Enter the amount of USDT or USDC you want to contribute ($50 min);

  • Confirm the purchase;

  • Receive your tokens.

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