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Private Round

Past 15 Dec 2021 - 11 Jan 2022

WeWay Private round made history as it marked the very first and only private sale of $WWY, the native token of the project. In this fundraising stage, the project achieved remarkable success by raising a substantial $1.8 million through the sale of 600 million WWY tokens. This achievement has laid a solid foundation, ensuring a powerful kickstart for the project's ongoing development and subsequent IEO and IDO funding rounds.

CoinLaunch Score: Last update:
Medium 25 Oct 2023

WeWay - Private Round  Overview

start date: 15 Dec 2021
end date: 11 Jan 2022
price: $0.003
tokens for sale: 600,000,000
Raise: $1,800,000
Min. Buy: N/A
Max. Buy: N/A
Industry: DeFi

Locked for 7 months, vesting for 12 months.

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