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01node stands out in the blockchain sphere with its broad access to over 30 networks, offering daily rewards and emphasizing the best in the ecosystem. Their diverse involvement ranges from Neutron to Celestia, with varying reward percentages, showcasing their adaptability. Proudly maintaining a slash-free record, they underscore their commitment to network integrity and security. 01node's real-time metrics offer transparency, catering to both large-scale and small investors. Their inclusive approach, especially in Ethereum staking with no minimum requirements, makes them a versatile and reliable choice for blockchain enthusiasts and investors seeking a comprehensive and secure investment platform.

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Type: Corporate
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Last Investment: 01 Aug
Region of Origin: Bucharest, Romania
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01node is a distinctive entity in the blockchain ecosystem, providing access to a variety of networks they believe are among the best in the sector. They offer daily rewards on more than 30 networks, showcasing a diverse range of involvement from Neutron and Nolus to Celestia, SUI, Persistence, and Sentinel, among others. The rewards percentages vary significantly, with some networks like Celestia offering 50-70%, while others like SUI offer 7-10%.

The firm prides itself on maintaining the integrity and security of the blockchain network, having been slash-free since its inception. This highlights their commitment to upholding high standards in network validation and security. 01node also provides real-time metrics and statistics, such as staked assets, user count, or APRs on each network they validate, ensuring transparency and up-to-date information for their clients.

For clients looking to delegate more than $100k in assets, 01node offers a premium service, indicating their capability to handle large-scale investments. They also emphasize inclusive staking, particularly in Ethereum, with no minimum requirements, allowing investors of all scales to participate and earn rewards.

In summary, 01node positions itself as a key player in the blockchain validation space, offering a wide range of services and rewards across various networks, backed by a strong commitment to security and transparency. Their approach caters to both large and small-scale investors, reflecting their inclusive and diverse investment strategy.

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gammax logoGammaX 01 Aug Past
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