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Accomplice Blockchain, led by Jeff Fagnan, marks a strategic shift in venture capital towards blockchain technology. With a team experienced in crypto assets, including notable investments like Hedera Hashgraph and Circle, their approach is far from speculative. They emphasize long-term, mission-driven investments, aiming to revolutionize decentralized computing. Their open, community-driven strategy, global alignment, and commitment to learning by doing, position Accomplice Blockchain as a significant player in the blockchain investment space, focusing on impactful and sustainable technological advancements.

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Accomplice Blockchain Overview

Type: Venture
Total Investment: 1
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Last Investment: 01 May
Region of Origin: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
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Accomplice Blockchain - About

Accomplice Blockchain, announced by Jeff Fagnan, Founder and General Partner at Accomplice, represents a significant shift in the venture capital landscape. This initiative mirrors Accomplice's nearly two-decade-long approach of early-stage, high-conviction investments but with a dedicated focus on blockchain technology, which they view as the next compute paradigm shift. The team at Accomplice embraces complex, ambitious technology bets, having previously engaged in challenging projects like reverse compiling binaries for security vulnerabilities and building the world's largest software hash database.

The Accomplice Blockchain team includes Jeff Fagnan, Rob Shavell (founder of Abine), David Galper (Israeli-based entrepreneur), Ash Egan (formerly of ConsenSys Ventures), and Mike Viscuso (founder of Carbon Black). They have a close relationship with Naval and AngelList, MetaStable, and CoinList, enhancing their network and capabilities.

Their investment philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that blockchain and crypto are foundational elements for decentralized and resilient computing. They see these technologies as crucial in moving away from cloud-based systems, enabling secure IoT, disrupting platform monopolies, reducing compute costs, and replacing legacy systems with code and math.

Accomplice Blockchain's investment portfolio includes Hedera Hashgraph, Ontology, Coda, FileCoin, CoinList, Circle, Brave, and others. Their approach is not speculative; instead, they focus on long-term, mission-driven investments. They plan to openly share their investment theses, pipeline, CRM, and other operational aspects, embracing a philosophy akin to the open-source movement.

In summary, Accomplice Blockchain is a forward-thinking venture capital initiative focusing on blockchain technology, with a team experienced in crypto assets and a commitment to long-term, impactful investments. Their approach is community-driven, globally aligned, and rooted in a philosophy of learning by doing, positioning them as a significant player in the blockchain investment space.

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