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Acura Capital, based in Brazil's financial core, is an asset management company established by seasoned professionals. It specializes in offering unique financial solutions and products, primarily catering to Brazilian and foreign investors with a medium-high risk profile. The firm manages 38 funds, encompassing a diverse portfolio with 9.04 billion Brazilian Reais under management. Their range includes Equity Investment Funds, Credit Rights Investment Funds, Multimarket Investment Funds, and more, traditionally accessible mainly to institutional investors. Acura Capital's approach is personalized, aiming to meet the specific needs of medium-high income investors. Their expertise in the financial market enables them to provide optimal investment solutions, positioning them as a key player in Brazil's investment landscape.

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Acura Capital Overview

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Last Investment: 11 Jul
Region of Origin: Sao Paulo, Brazil
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Acura Capital - About

Acura Capital is a dynamic asset management company located in the financial core of Brazil. Established by experienced professionals, the firm is dedicated to providing unique solutions and products in the financial market. Acura Capital caters to Brazilian and foreign investors with a medium-high risk profile, managing a diverse range of funds.

The firm's portfolio includes 38 funds under management, with a total of 9.04 billion Brazilian Reais under management. Their investment offerings are varied and cater to different investor needs, including Equity Investment Funds (FIA), Credit Rights Investment Fund (FIDC), Multimarket Investment Funds (FIM), Managed Portfolio Management (GCA), Fixed Income Investment Funds (FIRF), Foreign Investment Fund (FIEX), and Participation Investment Fund (FIP).

Acura Capital's approach is focused on serving medium-high income investors, offering services and products that were previously almost exclusively accessible to institutional investors. Their commitment is to meet every investor profile and demand in a personalized way, leveraging their expertise and market knowledge to provide optimal financial solutions.

In summary, Acura Capital stands out as a new yet experienced asset management company in Brazil, offering a wide range of investment solutions and products. Their focus on medium-high income investors and a diverse portfolio of funds positions them as a significant player in the Brazilian financial market.

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