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Adams Street Partners, a global leader in private markets investment, manages $53 billion in assets with a 45-year history. Renowned for its 100% employee-owned structure, the firm aligns closely with client interests, emphasizing trust and integrity. Their diverse strategies cover primary, secondary, growth equity, credit, and co-investments, showcasing adaptability and innovation. With over 493 direct company investments and a vast network, Adams Street is a key player in shaping private market investment trends.

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Adams Street Partners - About

Adams Street Partners, a global private markets investment manager, has established itself as a leader in the industry with a history of over 45 years. Managing $53 billion in assets, the firm has made significant strides with over 493 direct company investments and tracks more than 27,420 companies. Their recent closure of the Adams Street 2023 Global Fund Program with $820 million in commitments highlights their ongoing success and growth.

The firm is 100% employee-owned, ensuring alignment of interests with their clients. This model fosters a culture of trust, integrity, and transparency, which is central to their operations. Adams Street's investment strategies span across primary, secondary, growth equity, credit, and co-investment, reflecting their comprehensive expertise in private markets.

Their pioneering approach to investment strategies has positioned them as a credible and confident player in the market, adapting to evolving market needs. Collaboration and information sharing across strategies are key to their success, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in achieving sustainable investment outcomes.

Adams Street's investment solutions are diverse, ranging from co-investments in buyout and growth equity sectors to growth equity investments in rapidly growing, multi-stage companies in various industries. They also engage in primary investments, private credit targeting middle-market companies, and opportunistic secondary investments.

In summary, Adams Street Partners is a formidable force in the private markets investment landscape, known for its innovative strategies, employee ownership model, and commitment to creating long-lasting, effective relationships in the global financial sector.

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