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Atomico is a venture capital firm partnering with innovative technology companies globally. Built by founders for founders, Atomico focuses on helping extraordinary entrepreneurs succeed beyond just providing capital. Their investment philosophy is driven by the belief that technology will transform all sectors, with significant transformations still ahead. Atomico's diverse investment areas include digital work, enterprise automation, internet infrastructure, future finance, and more. They emphasize a collaborative approach, offering deep understanding and insights to support founders. Atomico also produces insightful reports like "The State of European Tech," showcasing their commitment to understanding and shaping the technology landscape.

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Atomico is a venture capital firm that stands as a partner to game-changing entrepreneurs and startups. With a mission to drive the digital transformation of industries through technology, Atomico invests in innovative companies around the world. Their approach is built on the belief that technology will transform all sectors, and they focus on areas where they see the biggest transformations yet to come.

The firm is built by founders for founders, emphasizing a deep understanding of the entrepreneurial journey. Atomico's backing goes beyond capital; they offer experience, understanding, and insight to help founders succeed. Their team, comprised of individuals with unique perspectives, collaborates closely with portfolio companies, providing expertise and support when needed.

Atomico's investment areas are diverse and forward-thinking. They include digital work, enterprise data and automation, internet infrastructure, future finance, mobility, industrial automation, frontier tech, planet-positive initiatives, engaged consumer, future of food, digital life and play, improving health, and empowering individuals. These thematic investment areas reflect Atomico's commitment to harnessing technology for global challenges and industry innovation.

The firm also produces "The State of European Tech" report, providing insights into the technology landscape. Atomico's approach is characterized by a commitment to partnerships, collaboration, and a deep understanding of the sectors they invest in. They are not just investors but partners who are actively involved in shaping the future of technology and innovation.

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