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Bossa Invest, formerly Bossa Nova Investimentos, is a leading Latin American venture capital firm focused on empowering entrepreneurs and fostering business growth. With a mission to positively transform the world, they offer a dynamic ecosystem for learning, investing, and high-quality networking. The firm employs a unique methodology to analyze and accelerate promising startups, connecting a network of over 10,000 people, including co-investors and founders. As one of the largest and most active venture capital companies globally, Bossa Invest has a diverse portfolio with numerous successful exits, demonstrating a strong track record in the industry. Their approach goes beyond financial support, emphasizing community building and people-focused business development.

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Type: Venture
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Last Investment: 29 Sep
Region of Origin: Sao Paulo, Brasil
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Bossa Nova Investimentos, now rebranded as Bossa Invest, is a prominent venture capital firm in Latin America. Founded with the mission to empower entrepreneurs, drive business growth, and strengthen communities, Bossa Invest aims to positively transform the world. The firm stands out as an ecosystem where individuals can learn, invest, receive investment, and engage in high-quality networking with thousands of entrepreneurs, executives, and founders of promising startups.

Bossa Invest employs a unique methodology for the meticulous analysis of promising startups, accelerating and monitoring the growth of their investments. They focus on connecting a network of over 10,000 people, including co-investors, founders, and companies, to facilitate smart money investments.

The firm's investment philosophy is centered on innovative ideas that have the potential to transform the world. As one of the largest venture capital companies globally, and the most active in Latin America, Bossa Invest has a unique network of entrepreneurs, co-investors, and partner companies engaged in business.

Their portfolio includes thousands of startups, with numerous successful exits, demonstrating an impressive track record in the venture capital space. Bossa Invest's approach to investment is not just about financial support but also about fostering a community that breathes business with a focus on people.

In summary, Bossa Invest is more than just a venture capital firm; it's a vibrant ecosystem for learning, investing, and networking, committed to supporting the growth of innovative startups and transforming the business landscape positively. Their dedication to empowering entrepreneurs and connecting a vast network of industry players positions them as a key player in the venture capital industry, especially in Latin America.

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