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Brevan Howard Digital (BH Digital), launched in September 2021, is the crypto and digital asset division of Brevan Howard. It provides institutional investors with access to opportunities in blockchain technology and digital assets. BH Digital employs a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach for diversified exposure across digital asset ecosystems, including private and public markets. With over 70 team members, the division operates in 8 of Brevan Howard's 10 global offices. BH Digital's structure and services are tailored for the 24/7 nature of the crypto market, offering continuous support across time zones. The division focuses on long-term, strategic partnerships with portfolio companies, combining Brevan Howard's institutional governance and risk management with native crypto market expertise. BH Digital's commitment to innovation and strategic investment makes it a key player in the digital asset and blockchain industry.

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Brevan Howard Digital (BH Digital) is the dedicated crypto and digital asset division of Brevan Howard, launched in September 2021. The division is focused on providing institutional investors access to the diverse opportunities presented by the structural disruption and innovation of blockchain technology. BH Digital combines the institutional governance, controls, and risk management of Brevan Howard with expertise native to crypto markets across investing and business operations.

BH Digital offers unconstrained, alpha-centric, and diversified exposure to the wide range of investment opportunities available across the digital asset ecosystem. This is achieved through a multi-manager, multi-strategy approach across both private and public markets. The division has over 70 team members and leverages the global footprint of Brevan Howard, operating in 8 of its 10 office locations worldwide.

The division's model is designed for a 24/7 market, utilizing Brevan Howard’s global presence across 8 offices to ensure trading, risk, and operational support can be accessed irrespective of time zone, 24/7, 365 days per year, in line with the crypto market. BH Digital’s evergreen structure and commitment to providing founders with a range of value-add services allow it to be a long-term, strategic partner to the portfolio companies it invests in and collaborates with.

In summary, BH Digital is a significant player in the digital asset space, offering institutional-grade investment and operational expertise in the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Their approach is characterized by a commitment to long-term partnerships and a deep understanding of the opportunities within the digital asset market.

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