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Bullish is a regulated global crypto exchange prioritizing security and low-fee, high-performance trading for serious traders and institutions. Offering near-zero spreads and advanced trading features in a secure environment, it stands out for its full-reserve, segregated customer asset management, and rigorous audits by Deloitte. With a focus on transparency and compliance, Bullish provides a seamless trading experience across various digital assets, making it a top choice for high-volume transactions in the crypto market.

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Bullish Overview

Type: Exchange
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Last Investment: 28 Feb
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Bullish - About

Bullish is a regulated and audited global cryptocurrency exchange designed for both institutions and serious traders seeking to engage in the digital asset space securely. Emphasizing best execution in crypto's biggest assets, Bullish provides an environment for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with near-zero spreads, low fees, and high-performance trading capabilities across spot, margin, and perpetual futures within a single, cross-collateralized account.

With a commitment to trust and transparency, Bullish operates as a full-reserve exchange, ensuring that customer assets are consistently maintained in a 1:1 ratio and segregated from Bullish assets. The platform's robust custody architecture, combined with rigorous key management and cryptographic security, ensures the safety of customer funds and transactions. Independently audited by Deloitte, Bullish adheres to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), underscoring its commitment to operational excellence and regulatory compliance.

Bullish's trading environment is designed to maximize capital efficiency and provide traders with a seamless experience, featuring no maker fees, minimal taker fees, and the ability to engage in high-volume transactions with faster finality. As a testament to its innovative approach and secure infrastructure, Bullish ranks among the top global spot trading venues for Bitcoin and Ethereum, positioning itself as a leading platform in the rapidly evolving crypto exchange landscape.

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etherfi logoether.fi
28 Feb Past
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