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CapitalX, led by 'Super Angel' Cindy Bi, is a notable venture capital firm with over $30M raised in rolling funds. Specializing in early-stage investments, CapitalX has seeded 12 unicorns and numerous top startups, demonstrating a high hit rate. Operating as a generalist fund, they invest across sectors like enterprise, fintech, and frontier tech with a strategy of fast commits and high conviction. CapitalX also offers SPVs for LPs, providing priority access to select startups. Cindy Bi's recognition as a top early-stage investor by Business Insider underscores the firm's impact. CapitalX's approach is centered on empowering founders and driving exponential growth in the tech and blockchain industries, making them a key player in the venture capital landscape.

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CapitalX, founded by Cindy Bi, a recognized 'Super Angel' investor, is a venture capital firm that has made a significant impact in the blockchain industry. With over $30 million raised in rolling funds, CapitalX is open to new Limited Partners (LPs) until Q2 2024. The firm is known for its high hit rate, having seeded 12 unicorns and 25 top startups on Y Combinator's Top Companies List.

CapitalX is a generalist fund, investing in a range of sectors including enterprise, fintech, and frontier tech. They are known for their fast commits and high conviction investment approach, striving to be proactively helpful to their portfolio companies. In addition to traditional funding, CapitalX also facilitates Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) to give their LPs priority access to invest in or double down on select startups.

Cindy Bi, listed as one of the 30 most successful early-stage investors in the world by Business Insider in January 2024, leads CapitalX with a focus on empowering founders and startups. The firm has been pivotal in various fundraising announcements, with portfolio companies achieving unicorn status and significant valuations.

CapitalX's approach is characterized by a commitment to building for exponential impact, supporting startups from early stages to significant growth and market leadership. Their track record and Cindy Bi's leadership position them as a significant player in the venture capital landscape, particularly in the blockchain and tech startup sectors.

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