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Cerulean Ventures is an investment firm uniquely focused on supporting crypto/web3 companies that develop infrastructure and tools for scaling climate impact. They invest in open-source software companies and networks, emphasizing climate fintech, blockchain protocols, and digital infrastructure for valuing ecosystem services and renewable energy. With a hands-on approach informed by their founding experience, Cerulean assists in technical, marketing, and operational aspects, including mechanism design, community engagement, and tokenomics. Named after the vibrant colors of Earth's forests and oceans, Cerulean Ventures is dedicated to fostering a nature- and climate-positive economy, positioning themselves at the forefront of environmentally-focused technology investment.

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Cerulean Ventures - About

Cerulean Ventures is an investment firm with a unique and impactful focus on backing crypto/web3 companies that are building the infrastructure and tools necessary to scale climate impact within this decade. Their investment strategy is centered around creating Energy and Nature Markets for planetary-scale regeneration and climate impact, emphasizing the importance of accounting for nature's contribution to the economy through natural capital.

Believing that natural capital accounting could be the biggest investment opportunity of our generation, Cerulean Ventures invests in open-source software companies and networks that develop enabling technologies. These technologies are crucial for scaling climate impact, particularly in areas such as climate fintech, blockchain networks and protocols, and digital infrastructure for valuing nature's ecosystem services. Additionally, they focus on scaling renewable energy for supply-side decarbonization.

Cerulean Ventures takes a hands-on approach to investment, drawing from their own experience and background as founders. They provide comprehensive support to their portfolio, ranging from technical aspects like mechanism design, product management, and data engineering to marketing and operational facets such as community engagement, governance, tokenomics design, and recruiting.

The firm's name, Cerulean, symbolizes the brilliant combinations of blues and greens found in the planet's forests and oceans, reflecting their commitment to the environment and climate-positive economy. Cerulean Ventures stands out for its dedicated approach to investing in and building a nature- and climate-positive economy, making them a significant player in the intersection of technology, climate change, and investment.

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