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Cobo Ventures excels as a visionary investment arm in the blockchain and DeFi space, focusing on early-stage projects. Their expertise in DeFi infrastructures, applications, and cross-chain technologies is notable. They also explore innovative areas like the metaverse and GameFi. Not just investors, they incubate and nurture projects, providing a comprehensive ecosystem of support. Their diverse portfolio, from middleware platforms to trading platforms, highlights their commitment to innovation. Cobo Ventures is a key player in shaping the future of Web 3.0, offering more than capital – a blend of technology, knowledge, and industry connections.

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Cobo Ventures, the investment arm of Cobo, is a dynamic force in the blockchain and DeFi industry, focusing on empowering early-stage projects. With a deep-rooted history in blockchain and DeFi, the team at Cobo Ventures brings invaluable experience and expertise to guide projects away from common industry pitfalls and towards successful market strategies. Their investment interests primarily lie in underlying DeFi infrastructures, applications, smart contracts, and cross-chain access, but they are also keen on exploring innovative ventures in the metaverse, community apps, SociaFi, GameFi, and other promising areas.

Cobo Ventures is not just an investor but also an incubator, nurturing selected projects for the long term. They provide funding, incubation, and nurturing, coupled with their extensive network and expertise, to maximize the potential for success. Their approach is systematic, aiming to export their technology, knowledge, capital, and industry connections through the Cobo Venture process.

The company's portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from full-stack Web3 middleware platforms to decentralized liquidity aggregation and regulated cryptocurrency trading platforms. This variety showcases their commitment to fostering innovation across different facets of the blockchain and DeFi space.

In summary, Cobo Ventures is a key player in the blockchain and DeFi industry, offering more than just capital. They provide a comprehensive ecosystem of support, expertise, and connections, making them a desirable partner for innovative teams and projects aiming to shape the future of Web 3.0.

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gammax logoGammaX 01 Aug Past
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