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Communitas Capital, founded by former public company CEOs Doug Atkin, Tom Glocer, and Duncan Niederauer, is a venture capital firm focusing on FinTech, Future of Work, marketplaces, and blockchain infrastructure. With a philosophy centered on partnering with entrepreneurs passionate about industry-changing ideas, the firm actively supports innovative companies. Their team's extensive experience in financial services shapes their investment strategy, focusing on areas ripe for disruptive innovation. Communitas believes in democratizing investment opportunities beyond the ultra-rich, aiming to transform significant segments of financial services through innovative approaches. Their advisory board comprises experts like Dan Ariely, enhancing their strategic insights. Communitas Capital targets sectors like crowdfunding, real estate, and cybersecurity, applying lessons from capital market disruptions to foster growth and transformation in these areas.

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Communitas Asset Management - About

Communitas Capital is a distinctive venture capital firm founded by three former public company CEOs. The firm is dedicated to investing in and partnering with the most innovative companies in FinTech, the Future of Work, marketplaces, and infrastructure blockchain sectors. The founders, Doug Atkin, Tom Glocer, and Duncan Niederauer, are successful leaders in the financial services industry with a track record of running companies and executing transactions that have significantly shaped the current FinTech market landscape.

The philosophy of Communitas Capital revolves around partnering with entrepreneurs who share their passion for industry-changing ideas. The firm is committed to actively supporting exciting companies in reaching their potential. A key belief at Communitas is that it is fundamentally unfair for only the ultra-rich to have the opportunity to invest in emerging and disruptive companies.

The firm's advisory board includes notable figures like Dan Ariely, a renowned behavioral economist, and other experienced professionals from various sectors. This diverse board brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the firm.

Communitas Capital focuses on the changing landscape of financial services, identifying numerous opportunities for disruptive innovation and new company growth. They recognize that established players in the financial sector must transform significant segments of their businesses to remain competitive, often through acquisitions.

The firm has identified key areas where these dynamics are being applied, including crowdfunding, media and information, marketplaces and payments, real estate, privacy/cybersecurity, and venture capital. Their approach is to leverage the lessons learned from the disruption of capital markets, such as electronic marketplaces and data-driven research, and apply these to other sectors.

In summary, Communitas Capital stands out for its unique blend of experienced leadership, a commitment to supporting transformative companies, and a focus on sectors at the forefront of financial and technological innovation. Their approach is not just about financial investment but also about fostering a more inclusive and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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