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DCVC (Data Collective) is a deep tech venture capital firm with over 13 years of experience in backing entrepreneurs addressing complex global challenges. Specializing in AI-driven solutions, DCVC's diverse portfolio includes companies like Agility Robotics, CH4 Global, Chroma Medicine, and Pivot Bio, reflecting its commitment to technological and sustainable advancements. The firm's team, rich in scientific expertise, focuses on identifying and supporting ambitious founders in various sectors, from robotics and sustainable agriculture to genomic medicine. DCVC actively engages in the deep tech space, offering insights and news about industry developments and their portfolio companies, showcasing their broad expertise in fields like climate change, computational biology, cybersecurity, and more. Their approach highlights a deep commitment to transformative innovation and scientific rigor in venture capital.

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Type: Venture
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Last Investment: 16 Oct
Region of Origin: Palo Alto, California, United States
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DCVC - About

DCVC (Data Collective) is a deep tech venture capital firm that has been backing brilliant entrepreneurs tackling the world's hardest and highest-stakes problems for over 13 years. Their approach is centered on supporting startups that use artificial intelligence to unlock potential across various sectors, demonstrating a commitment to transformative innovation.

DCVC's portfolio is diverse and impactful, featuring companies like Agility Robotics, which focuses on building robots to enhance human capabilities, CH4 Global addressing methane emissions in farming, Chroma Medicine in genomic medicines, and Pivot Bio in sustainable agriculture. These investments reflect DCVC's dedication to driving significant advancements in technology and sustainability.

The team at DCVC is unique, boasting more published scientists than MBAs, highlighting their deep technical expertise and scientific approach to venture capital. This composition enables DCVC to identify and support the world's most ambitious company founders effectively.

DCVC is actively involved in the deep tech space, providing insights and news about their portfolio companies and the broader industry. They cover a range of topics, including climate change, computational biology and chemistry, cybersecurity, and more, showcasing their broad interest and expertise in various fields of deep technology.

In summary, DCVC stands out as a venture capital firm with a deep commitment to supporting groundbreaking technological advancements. Their focus on AI-driven solutions across diverse sectors, combined with a team rich in scientific knowledge, positions them as a key player in shaping the future of deep tech innovation.

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