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Flybridge, a seed-stage venture capital firm based in Boston and New York, excels in investing in community-driven companies. With a unique approach, they support founders from pre-seed to IPO, leveraging a vast network across four communities. Their investment strategy is diverse, focusing on women-led companies, Harvard graduates, and underestimated operators. Flybridge values creativity, integrity, and excellence, making them a standout in the venture capital world for their innovative model and commitment to empowering dynamic ecosystems.

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Flybridge Capital Overview

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Last Investment: 01 May
Region of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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Flybridge Capital - About

Flybridge is a seed-stage venture capital firm based in Boston and New York City, known for its commitment to investing in community-driven companies. They support founders from pre-seed through IPO, providing not just capital but also leveraging their community to assist at every step of the entrepreneurial journey. Flybridge believes in the outsized growth and success driven by companies with highly engaged, connected, and passionate ecosystems.

Their investment approach is unique, with a core team of four partners and one senior associate, and they are the anchor investor for each of their Network Funds. This model includes over 40 investment team members across four communities: XFactor Ventures, The Community Fund, The Graduate Syndicate, and LTV Operators. These teams make independent investment decisions, investing geographically and categorically diverse, which expands Flybridge's community and deepens their collective insights and expertise.

Flybridge's values center around respecting entrepreneurs, valuing differences, and encouraging open, direct, and honest communication. They emphasize creativity, honor commitments, value exploration, demand excellence, and believe in having fun. Their investment thesis focuses on the power of community, as they invest in companies founded by women (XFactor Ventures), back Harvard graduates (The Graduate Syndicate), and invest through a team of underestimated operators (The Community Fund).

In summary, Flybridge stands out for its innovative investment model, deep commitment to community-driven companies, and a diverse approach to venture capital, making them a significant player in the seed-stage investment landscape.

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