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Hypersphere Ventures is a “smart” venture capital fund from Miami focusing on Web3 startups and having a hyper experience in leveraging on-chain projects.

The unique Hypersphere’s approach is based on deep involvement in amplifying the utility of blockchain protocols, on-chain treasuries, decentralized organizations, and networks. The fund also has a wide network of connections around the globe. 

All of this keeps Hypersphere standing out as an innovative investment firm, a role of which goes beyond that of traditional venture capital funds. Along with that, the Hypersphere Ventures website has a fancy design. 

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Hypersphere Ventures Overview

Type: Venture
Number of Token Sales: 0
Project Support: Medium
Social Influence: Low
Last Investment: N/A
Region of Origin: USA / FL
Influence Geography: North America, Western Europe, Middle East
Type of project assistance: Networking; Financing; Governance; Tokenomics; Product Dev

Hypersphere Ventures - About

Hypersphere Ventures is a rather young, but not ordinary, venture capital fund oriented at crypto-based investments. It has a profound and versatile experience in accelerating the growth of blockchain ecosystems.

Hypersphere Ventures was founded by Robert Habermeier, who is also a co-founder of Polkadot, and Jack Platts in 2019 in Miami, Florida. The fund takes an active part in operations of the portfolio companies at all the stages of its lifecycle.  

Thanks to the fund's huge blockchain development expertise, Hypersphere is  able to become a powerful partner for any young Web3 startup.

Currently, Hypersphere Ventures has made over 70 investments in Web3 companies. The portfolio of the fund contains the following hyped projects: LayerZero, Multichain, Saga, Sei Labs, Worldcoin, Parallel Finance, Gensyn, and many more.

The most recent investment of Hypersphere, as of May 2023, was in the Tanssi Network project.

Here is the current balance of interests in the portfolio.

Total number of investments: 79

  • Blockchain Service: 38.9%
  • DeFi: 33.3%
  • Blockchain Infrastructure: 18.1%
  • GameFi: 5.6%
  • NFT: 4.2%

Hypersphere Ventures Team

Jack Platts
Jack Platts
Ray Bell
Ray Bell
Finance Associate
Matthew Chang
Matthew Chang
Portfolio Manager
Ashley Tyson
Ashley Tyson
General Partner

Hypersphere Ventures News

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